SPECIAL PROJECTS Don't see your denim issue addressed above? Don't worry. We love special projects. From crafting denim purses to creating custom denim-inspired art installations to much, much more, we're happy to help. Just ask.

Combine Jeans to One Perfect Pair

REWORKED FRONT OR BACK Get the best of both worlds: Combine two pairs of jeans into one perfect pair.

Change Stitching Color for Jeans

CHANGE STITCHING Make good denim great by replacing its current stitching with your choice color.
RX NOTE - Price varies.

Transform Torn Jeans to Shorts

SHORTS Transform your summer wardrobe by turning treasured jeans into bespoke denim shorts. From raw cutoffs to Daisy Duke hot pants to hemmed Bermudas, the choice is yours.

Custom Denim Projects

If you have a project that doesn't necessarily fit into our line of services, we can still help. Customize your own jeans by completely changing how they look, even turning them into something new. We encourage you to let your imagination run wild!

Recycle your jeans and jackets with our numerous custom denim services. We can even change stitching color or combine two pairs of pants. You'll be amazed at what our seamstress can do.

Customize your own jeans today. All you need to do is tell us about your denim issues, send us your garments, and we'll begin crafting your custom denim.


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