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Why Denim Never Goes Out of Fashion

Via The Independent.  D&G Spring/Summer 2010.

Via The Independent. D&G Spring/Summer 2010.

I’m not completely convinced that double denim is a good idea, even though the models look smashing on the runways.  I think it takes a light touch to avoid denim overdose.  As indicated in this article, different shades of denim is the key to success.  The love of denim is irresistable, and all the high-end designers are doing their darndest to integrate denim into dressier ensemble looks.  A party on the yacht?  Yes.  Cocktails at the club? Yes.  Board meetings? Perhaps!

— Kathy Ng Hassan


From The Independent:

Into the blue: Why denim never goes out of fashion

Denim isn’t just for jeans – designers have made shirts, jackets and ties out of the blue stuff. And this season, even ‘double denim’ can be cool,” says Lee Holmes

There’s a reason why denim never seems to go out of fashion.

It’s among the most versatile and practical fabrics, beloved in its time by soldiers, railway workers and, of course, since the mid-1950s, by any fashion follower worth his or her credentials.

Given fashion’s current utilitarian mood it is not entirely surprising that, both in the upper echelons of designer menswear and on the high street, denim is having an extended moment in the sun. Brands including Alexander McQueen, Margaret Howell, D&G, Topman and, of course, Gap, have made denim ubiquitous and it is no longer restricted to jeans. Denim shirts, jackets, bags, plimsolls and even decidedly natty denim bow ties are all being worn by the metropolitan male with pride. More unnervingly, perhaps, double denim – to the unitiated this describes the sporting of two denim garments at one time – has found its way out of the fashion Siberia where it has languished since the Nineties.

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