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UPDATE: NOKO Jeans Pulled From Shelves in Sweden, Fashion Weeks Canceled



Some of you may remember a piece on NOKO Jeans I published a couple of years back, when this idealistic little group braved the trip to North Korea to establish a business-social study in this isolated nation.  The road has not been easy for co-founders Jacob Astrom and Jakob Ohlsson, but NOKO produced 1,100 jeans.  They’ve mysteriously canceled a couple of Fashion Weeks from last spring and fall.  A department store in Sweden pulled NOKO Jeans from their shelves last winter, based on reasons that are certainly political.  Would you blame them?  Would you buy jeans made in North Korea, even though they are technically a Swedish brand?  Do you think buying these jeans would fund support of North Korea, or fund support of the brand’s underlying goal to make a positive influence in the Communist nation, albeit microscopic?  What would you do?

This is Our Factory from Noko Jeans on Vimeo.

I must admit, I am still fascinated with this project.  Go to NOKO Jeans online to view exclusive pictures taken from their visits in Pyongyang.  Lots of other interesting tidbits can be found, including updates on their museum-shop in Denmark, which documents the life of NOKO Jeans.

If you are interested, the jeans are available online, but U.S. customers may never get them.  Read here for an explanation.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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