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The Latest and Greatest at Oki-ni

Hello Gentlemen,

As always, oki-ni is ahead of the curve and has freshly stocked new arrivals from Christian Peau, Raf Simons X Eastpak, Damir Doma sunglasses, Common Project and a line of HAVE TO BUY Raf Simons X Doc Martens and also his own line of beautiful sandals. 

A newsletter from oki-ni:

We are very pleased and also rather relieved to eventually introduce to you a brand that we have been trying to bring to oki-ni for over 2 years now.  Christian Peau is a company that specialise in premium quality leather and suedes and make a wide range of footwear, clothing and accessories from their spectacular hides.  We fell in love with these boots around 4 seasons ago and have been tirelessly trying to bring them to you ever since.  We can honestly say that we have never seen (or tried on) anything that comes close to the comfort, quality or the colour palette that these boots boast. A few of you may have come across this brand before but trying to track a pair down online (or even finding any info) is extremely tough, however, you can now sit back, order them and when they turn up, wear them like a slipper 12 hours a day.

We also have now had delivered this seasons installment of the Raf Simons for Eastpaks and a very interesting new option in the Damir Doma shades which we think are the shades of the season.  Rounded off with some very happy looking Common Projects we??™re very happy with todays offer.

Hope you like it,
The oki-ni team


Christian Peau

Christian Peau

Christian Peau

Christian Peau is a Japanese fashion house whose design is understood to bridge the gap between modern avant-garde and classical artisan-based fashion. Unlike many cutting edge Japanese designers that have emerged from the last 10 years, Peau’s is much more European in nature. His influences lie in the traditionl artisans from the early 1800s who were understood to be masters in their trade. Drawn from traditional shoemaking and leather master craftsmen, Christian Peau has reinvented the avant-garde in a modern and beautiful manner.

The emphasis is on handmade leather garments- each shoe is made by hand in Japan with an assortment of hand-stained,painted and washed leathers that are compounded and nailed together for a truly unique outcome.  

View the full collection











Raf Simons Eastpak

After three enjoyable seasons this is the very final collection of Raf Simons’ much sought after high fashion technical bags made in collaboration with Eastpak. The styling for ss09 is inspired by ‘Haute’ travel with a futuristic, modern approach to the romance of old fashioned travelling…

View the bags














Damir Doma Sunglasses

This is new kid on the block and Raf Simons prot?©g?©e Damir Doma??™s first time on oki-ni and we are loving his work. Part of his 4th collection and first time collaboration with Linda Farrow these sunglasses present a new take on the classic wayfarer.This style is part of a new line for SS09- ???Linda Farrow Projects??™…

Buy it now!







Common Project

Inspired by fundamental architectures found in everyday objects, each Common Project product is infused with tailoring and executed using the finest materials and processes. The line endorses the companies dedication to basic footwear architecture and marks each shoe with a proprietary gold stamp on the heel…

View the collection


Do not forget to check out the rest or Raf Simons’ many collaborations showcased at oki-ni.  His sandals are fantastic, deconstructed Doc Martens are genius, silver astronaut boots are future perfect!  Let ‘s also not forget his great sunglass line in collaboration with Linda Farrow.  I particularly dig the Linda Farrow X Raf Simons Metal Frame Sunglasses.



Raf Simons Show Sandal


White leather high sided sandals with two straps across the foot and a double elasticated heel panel. These are very distinctive, part winged/part gladiator style. 







Raf Simons & Dr Martens Deconstructed Boot / Sandal


One part DM grunge, two parts chunky gladiator- we reckon these are THE sandals for the summer of 2009. Constructed in black and white patent with contrasting red stitching, these sandals combine a distinctive Raf Simons silhouette with trademark Dr Marten eyelets and air-ware sole.






Raf Simons & Dr Martens Classic Patent Sandal


An ankle high gladiator style limited edition sandal produced by Dr Martens in collaboration with Raf Simons. Combining the practicality of DM design with the forward stylings of Raf Simons these sandals feature a suede and soft leather foot bed with a high shine patent cutout sandal upper. Really truly essential shoes for summer.






Raf Simons Silver Astronaut Boot


This is the ???Astronaut??™ boot from Raf Simons SS09 catwalk collection.

Here is a beautifully constructed high-top shoe in a silver metallic finish with a lace and Velcro fastening. The back of the heel features an external pocket pouch with zip fastening. The interior is lined in soft cream leather and the laces are knitted. This is a classic piece with a great Raf Simons twist.





Linda Farrow X Raf Simons Metal Frame Sunglasses


Raf Simons for Linda Farrow vintage styled aviator shaped sunglasses constructed from fine gold metal silver piping with black rubber tubing and black opaque lenses. These are a really unusual design but manage top remain beautiful and really classic??¦

Raf Simons latest collaboration with Linda Farrow brings about a collection based on vintage glasses with folding metal arms, thin and faceted metal structures, mesh details, contrasting thin versus thick metal, matt black versus shiny black. Arms on the glasses have been inspired by Tiffany lamps, metal piping and over engineering.


–Niki Cho Russo

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