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The Dirty Denim Secrets at Outlets



Many of you savvy shoppers already know this, but, you can actually get ripped off at outlets.  I’m talking about some of your nearby discount stores that specialize in merchandise that supposedly couldn’t sell or are “overstock” items from top department stores.  If you suspected that certain items — whether they be apparel or footwear — have never seen the sights of your local department store or boutique, then your instincts are correct.

This is also true with denim.  Even in good economic times, some denim brands produce special editions of their designer jeans for discount outlets.  Although the jeans are still authentic, you may notice some slight “irregular” or textile differences.  The denim jeans may not be premium, but the jeans are still designer.  Sometimes, these differences may affect the fit of the style.  I know.  I’ve tried some of these jeans!

For the most part, you can still score a good denim deal at the outlets.  Not all premium denim brands produce these less-than-stellar jeans.  If you want to get premium denim at the best quality possible, all around, then try them on and purchase them at the regular retail stores, or shop online where the retailer is known for providing current styles at affordable prices.

Check out this article here for more dirty secrets…

— Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Aug 02 2010 in Uncategorized

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« Denim Deals: The Warehouse Sale Pop-Up Outlet Near You       Denim To Dye For! »
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