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Street Style: Satish Tailor

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Denim enthusiasts around the world unite! I can tell you one thing for sure, when it comes to searching the ends of the earth for a good pair of denim, Satish Tailor can certainly give you a recommendation or two on what is hot on the denim front. He’s been sporting Kato jeans for a while now and always up to date with the latest trends. Unless you are amongst the traveling pack of denim aficianados, the brand Kato is still pretty underground for the average joe. I picked his brain a bit recently…

What Kato style were you wearing when I saw you?

Satish: The style was 26SP-31-69, I think!!

You are obviously a man of tasteful aesthetics. I know you personally, but let’s tell our denim friends what you do for a living.

Satish: I’m the creative directing manager at puma for apparel.

To all our denim friends, Satish is the real deal so listen up and take note of this interview! What do you look for in a pair of jeans?

Satish: Cut, fit , weight of denim and grain of fabric also colour and detail has to have authentic detailing.

What are your favorite denim labels?

Satish: I’m a bit of a denim purist so favourite brand is Levi’s, Lee, although I do try out other brands from time to time especially if they have great detailing like Kato jeans.

What are your denim style predictions for the dudes this fall?

Satish: Denim predictions for me would be back to the raw fabric denim as stiff as a board and the darkest indigo…to wear them as nature intended.

You’re a well traveled man, where do you usually purchase your jeans?

Satish: I usually get my jeans on my travels so it depends on where I am at the time, but my favorite place to shop is Japan as everything fits me and I don’t have to take up any of my jeans, LOL!

If the denim gods were to take away a pair of jeans what would you like to part with? What about 2 pairs?

Satish: I wouldn’t part with them if they go then they take me with them.

What will be your next purchase?

Satish: Next purchase, hmmmmm… not sure yet… waiting for some new product to hit the market. Evisu are doing some higher-end product in some great denims might hold out for a pair?

Final question, drop crotch or drop not? I am a drop crotch fan so just curious…must be the Asian is me.

Satish: I’m gonna sit on the fence for that one as I wear mine both ways depending on the occasion.

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