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Sounds Like Paper: Paper Magazine & Converse throw a party

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Honey, it’s hot outside! I’m sweating my patooties off in my Katayone Adeli short denim jumper  trying to dash by pedestrians on the sidewalks of Soho to my dinner reservation at Lure Fishbar.  I was almost distracted by a small outdoor event going on where the Spring Street outside market is usually held.  Hmm, it’s closed off and the people look really interesting and artsy, should I try to smooth talk my way in?  Focus, Nikki, focus, get to the damn restaurant. I had to be punctual this time.  Got to dinner on time, had a yummy meal at Lure Fishbar and off we were to the Paper Magazine & Converse partay!

Our group made our way down to Santo’s Partyhouse on Lafayette Street.  There was a large crowd forming on the side walk and parked right in front was a cute van, the Heartschallenger, selling all types of candy and ice cream.  The little girl inside the Marimekko upholstered candy-van was too cute to not buy anything, so I got my sweet fix on with a ‘Slump’ (a fluffy marshmellow twist) and some japanese gum. 

I spotted Hiro, an artist, looking very trendy in his Martin Margiela t-shirt, Ksubi skinny jeans and Cesare Paciotti shoes. I guess he’s not a starving artist.  His friend Joon, was dressed as Alice In Wonderland and ready to party!  Once we got inside it quickly started filling up with young and old fans of Paper Magazine, Converse and of course, N.E.R.D. 

So many awesome people rocking awesome clothing!  Nicholas and Francisca, a cute couple, stood out in their neon black and yellow outfits.  Nicholas is wearing Levi’s skinny jeans.  Then there was "Great Scott," rocking Billionaire Boys Club Ice cream jeans, Yohji Yamamoto Sneakers, BBC Ice cream hat and tons of dangling BBC keychains looking like he’s ready to shake things up on the dance floor. Jerome is sporting BBC jeans and t-shirt. "Fresh Hef" is in BBC gray jeans, Raf Simmons yellow sneakers, Halo-T-shirt and Ray Ban Sunglasses. David and Matt are wearing Earnest Sewn and APC, so stylish.

Enough of the party fashionistas, I had a chance to flash a few pictures with Erin Fetherston, the Queen of fashionistas and designer extraordinaire.  Fetherston was there with her fiance, Hedi, who is not only handsome and sweet, he took our picture as well.  I think it’s so adorable that they like to party and go to fun concerts together.  Love is a party!  My next shot was with the quirky and wonderful Michael Musto of the Village Voice.  This guy is a legend.  Then I flashed one with Mickey Boardman, aka Mr. Mickey, of Paper Magazine, who happens to be the sweetest guy around. 

The energy in the room went high-voltage once N.E.R.D got on stage.  And as an added bonus, they had heavy hitting special guests Jermaine Dupri and Swizz Beatz on stage with them. It was bangin’ and the audience was in N.E.R.D. heaven!  My ears are still ringing from standing on a stage under two speakers.   The music was amazing, Pharrell knows how to work a room, the crowd was roaring, flashbulbs flashing, arms swaying back ‘n’ forth, a business card thrown my way, "I’m Jermaine Dupri’s pr rep, we want to talk to Converse".  I’m a mover and shaker, I’ll make that happen!  I stood back, video taping the moment and thinking to myself how hip hop and rock culture has come a long way.  They’ve really come to a cross road, actually have already crossed it. Converse rock ‘n’ roll in bed with hip hop fabulosity.  Something genius is about to explode in the music and fashion culture.  Something very big!


Paper party peeps.

–Nikki Cho Russo

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