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Reality Star Does ‘Man Makeunder’ in Denim Jeans

george-and-productsgeorge weisgerber

I was not excited they chose a pair of raggedy, vintage 80s (not the cool kind) jeans as part of the makeunder clothes. There are plenty of inexpensive — albeit designer — jeans that he could’ve worn that would have been toned down enough to be less metro. A pair of inexpensive, better-fitting Cheap Mondays or even Gap jeans would’ve been fine, no?

— Kathy Ng Hassan

From Asylum For All Mankind:

I take pride in my reputation as a quintessential metrosexual with an impeccable appearance — custom-fitted suits; polished Italian shoes; coiffed hair; buffed nails; and, most importantly, smooth, clean-shaven, moisturized skin.

Maintaining my appearance-conscious lifestyle is not an easy feat and requires considerable time, money and effort.

My bathroom is filled with a plethora of personal-care products, including (but not limited to): cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, exfoliating scrubs, aluminum-free deodorants, shaving creams, tongue scrapers, whitening strips, shampoos and conditioners. I visit Kiehl’s, Dermalogica and The Art of Shaving more frequently than the grocery store.

My aesthetic-enhancing efforts have not been for naught. When I was a contestant on “I Love New York 2,” Ms. New York honored me with the title “Tailor Made,” paying homage to my collection of tailor-made suits.

All this somehow led to me being challenged to a “man makeunder” (i.e., no “excessive grooming” for 14 days).

I will admit my personal-care regimen is a tad over-the-top, consisting of weekly MANicures (buffed, not polished); biweekly haircuts, pedicures and mini-facials; and monthly chest, eyebrow and underarm waxing.

When my girlfriend and I first started dating, my daily application of a moisturizing aloe vera mask caused her to scream so loud one morning that my neighbor called to see if everything was all right. I even remove the hair from my nostrils using herbal wax on a stick, which is so worth the pain…

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