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Levi’s Go Forth Campaign – $100,000 is Buried Somewhere in America! Find The Fortune!


Levi’s launched their Go Forth campaign back in July, which helped amplify Levi’s “new found voice.”  Now, chapter two of the campaign has just gone live online at the website (

This “second chapter” is about an experience; part scavenger hunt; part adventure and a puzzle of sorts.  Based on a legend, participants will engage online, via word of mouth, and real world events held in cities across the US to uncover clues over the next few weeks.

The first participant to successfully unlock the final clue and find the Go Forth fortune will win $100,000.  

Yes, one hundred thousand dollars!

Here are some more details:

Who: grayson-ozias-iv-levisLegend has it that Grayson Ozias IV was a friend of Levi Strauss’ nephew Nathan and explored America in the 1890s. In 1896 he disappeared into the American wilderness, after hiding his fortune in the hope of spurring others to go forth and seek adventure. Levi’s archivists were able to recover wax recordings Grayson made, detailing his travels and hinting at the final hiding place of his fortune.

When: Launching October 5th, 2009 at

How Game Is Played: It starts online, where the story, delivered via old wax cylinder voice recordings, follows the 1890s adventures of Grayson Ozias IV as he travels across America. On October 5th consumers will be driven to visit the site to find out who Grayson Ozias IV was and where he hid his fortune. 

Phase One: Listen and Wait or Listen and Participate
At participants will see an introduction video and invitation to join in the challenge to find $100,000 and discover the spirit of Grayson’s journey. Game descriptions will be provided to players who sign up, including details about the scavenger hunt and puzzle solution aspects. 

Phase Two: Online Meets Real-World
Players listen to recordings of Grayson telling his story and try to correctly identify specific locations. Players who submit the correct location will receive a confirmation inviting them to a real world task at that location. Locations are across America, each tied directly to Grayson’s story.  

Phase Three: Real-World Events 
The tasks can be as simple as finding a hidden item, or as active as singing a song, but all require players to step out from behind their computers and into the real world. Players who successfully complete the task will be rewarded with more real-world adventure. 

Each real-world task involves a collectible clue, which players must document and email to the Levi’s® Brand game team. The game team will then post an image of the task or collectible to the game site. Those who are not near the real-world locations will still be able to participate in the game.

Each time a collectible has been found and posted, it unlocks the next segment of story and clue finding. In this way online and online/offline participants stay in step with each other and with Grayson Ozias as they follow his journey. Non-participants need only wait and watch for each clue to unlock the next part of the story that they are observing.

Final Phase
The final challenge will be revealed in mid-November and the game narrows to 100 finalists. They will be given the last piece of the Grayson Ozias IV puzzle to decipher, and the first to solve it is the winner, chosen to unbury the fortune.

The Prize: Grayson Ozias IV’s fortune in today’s currency, $100,000.

Charitable Contribution:
In week 3 of the challenge, the participants will be given the opportunity to nominate and vote for a US-based non-profit organization to receive an additional $100,000 gift from Levi’s®.  

The campaign will have a dedicated game Twitter account to help participants with clues.


–Nikki Cho Russo


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