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Interview: Up Close with Nick Verreos of Project Runway

I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Nick Verreos, the charming fashion designer and contestant on the second season of the reality television program Project Runway.  Born in St. Louis Missouri, raised in Caracas, Venezuela and Millbrae, California, Verreos is a man constantly on the move whether it’s rubbing elbows with celebrities or dressing them in his creations for the red carpet.

Me: Nick, you are a busy bee!  What projects are you currently working on?

Nick: I am designing my NIKOLAKI Spring 2009 Collection, along with my design partner, David Paul, who is a Hollywood Costume/Wardrobe Stylist (he??™s worked on ???Queer Eye for the Straight Girl??? and NBC??™s Passions Daytime Drama). I will be showing at the first ever Islands of The World Fashion Week in the Bahamas.  I am also filming some fashion segments in NY for Style Studio, a web-exclusive style site, where I am one of the ???Glam Squad???. 

Me:  What are your denim predictions for the coming season?

According to what I have been reading, supposedly, it??™s all about the light washes, like stone wash and ???acid wash?????”supposedly the dark denim look is ???out??? but not for me.  Those washes make me look too ???un-kept???.  I like to look ???elegant casual??? when I dress and prefer my jeans on the darker end.

What cut and style do you think will be a hot trend?

The skinny jean will remain to be a hot trend.  Especially since the Straight guys haven??™t caught on yet –well, just the Hipster Silver Lake (LA)/East Village (NY) ones. Once they finally realize that the flared boot cut is tired, maybe they??™ll be convinced to move to the slim skinny route, or at least go for a straight/slim leg.

Me: What is your favorite designer of the moment?

Alessandra Faccinetti, the new designer for Valentino.  Her first Valentino Couture Collection was exquisite.  I will always love John Galliano for what he designs for the House of Christian Dior and well as his own line. Alexander McQueen is another favorite, as well as Elie Saab. In terms of US designers, I love what Costello Taglipietra are doing.

Me: Which jeans can’t you live without?

Levi??™s Capital E Matchstick, dark indigo denim wash, H&M black skinny jeans, Prada jeans.

Me: If you had to sacrifice one pair to the denim gods, which pair would it be?

The Prada ones.  I am really attached to the other two.  The fit is more comfortable and I like the washes of the denim better.

Me: What if you had to sacrifice two pairs?

Nick: Nope, sorry, take one of many polo shirts instead — or one of my old True Religion jeans from 4 years ago that I don??™t wear anymore (and somehow still keep in my drawer for no reason whatsoever).

Me: Which pair of jeans do you want to add to your collection?

Nick: I tried on a pair of off-white Gucci ones and they were FABULOUS??”just a bit on the too-low slung and too tight side??”I almost had ???Cameltoe??? (not attractive!).  But I just needed one size up, which the store did not have.  I also love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Uniform Straight Leg skinny jean.

Me: Which pair is in dire need of Denim Therapy?

The skinny black H&M ones (and a couple of my old Levi??™s Matchstick ones), they have a huge rip right in my inside thigh area.  It??™s not noticeable when I am standing up, but once I sit, all my ???business??? is showing!

For more of Nick Verreos, check out his blogsite at:

2691820325_def76a85b4_oNick and Kathy Griffin in NIKOLAKI.

2692584178_8dd994558e_oNick on the Red Carpet.

–Nikki Cho Russo

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