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Haute Mom Jeans: Style, Tips and Tricks

Soft Denim Maternity Shorts, available at Isabella Oliver.

Soft Denim Maternity Shorts, available at ISABELLA OLIVER.

Since Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10, I figure I’d feature some hot designer maternity jeans, along with a few tips.  As usual, I like to feature the deals, so don’t fret!  It’s an exciting time to be a new mom, because there are so many style innovations nowadays.  Whether you’re having your first child or your sixth, the modern mom doesn’t have to dress in tent dresses or look frumpy!  And, even if you’re not in the market to buy a new pair of designer maternity jeans, perhaps you’ll be encouraged by how you can extend the life of your pre-existing jeans and find creative ways to wear regular jeans through most of your pregnancy.

Featured Maternity Jeans
7 for All Mankind, assorted styles $149-$179 (was $210), available at A Pea in the Pod.

CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Kelly Maternity jean in Pacific Wash.

CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Kelly Maternity jean in Pacific Wash.

Citizens of Humanity Kelly Maternity Jeans, $157.50 (was $175), available at Due Maternity.
Isabella Oliver Soft Denim Shorts, $110.  Adjustable waist ties that grow with you.
Joe’s Jeans Secret Fit Belly(tm) Pencil Skirt, $94.99 (was $190), available at A Pea in the Pod.
Lucky Brand under belly signature pocket crop jean, $49.99 (was $112), available at A Pea in the Pod.
Mama J by J Brand, $90 (was $180), size 32 only, available at Gingerbread Monkeys. [Style note:  elastic is discretely placed on the side pockets.  See image for details.]

Mavi Secret Fit Belly(tm) Capri jeans.

Mavi Secret Fit Belly(tm) Capri jeans.

Mavi Jeans Secret Fit Belly(tm) 5 pocket slim leg, $79.99 (was $118), available at A Pea in the Pod.
Serfontaine Mezzanine Maternity jeans, $156.60 (was $174), available at Due Maternity.  [Style note:  elastic belly fabric is only in the front, and not all the way around the waistband.]
True Religion Billy underbelly jean, $169 (was $210), available at A Pea in the Pod.

How to Wear Maternity Jeans
Since most maternity jeans have a belly-hugging elastic fabric that begins from the hipbone on up, it can be tricky to hide the fact that you’re wearing maternity jeans, as you may not want to reveal that stretchy elastic fabric part of the jeans.  The most common maternity styles are the over the belly stretch material (with an option to fold down) or under the belly.  Some maternity jeans have thin adjustible elastic bands on the inside of the waistband, that cinches the waistband; which, in my opinion, are quite uncomfortable and unreliable in terms of keeping your jeans from riding down.

Wear the right kind of tops.  You don’t  have to buy maternity tops!  As you may grow tired of always wearing a jacket or sweater over your maternity jeans, the simplest solution for this dilemma is to wear extra long, tunic-length or stretchy shirts, tanks, or camisoles underneath your outfit.  Look for shirts that may be appropriate for “tall” or “long torso” women.  Make sure the shirt hem is long enough, just past your hipbone or covers half of what would normally be your backpockets.  Many thin, “tissue tee” shirts work well as a layering piece.  The longer top creates a smoother, polished silhouette, and you don’t have to worry about tugging your shirt down all the time.

How to Wear Regular Jeans During Pregnancy
If you prefer not to purchase maternity jeans, you can still dig up your stretch, low-rise or ultra-low rise jeans and wear them through most of your pregnancy, or until it is no longer comfortable.  Low rise jeans have a looser waistband (because it is cut to the size of your lower hips) and sit at or below your hipbone, just below the belly.  This denim style can offer some temporary under-belly support and allow you to wear regular jeans longer.  At some point, you may want to purchase a belly support belt, which is usually a wide, elastic band that can be adjusted below your belly to support and lift the growing weight.  In addition, many women can “cheat” by wearing pre-existing jeans, unbuttoned, or extra big jeans and utilize the belly support belt to hold the jeans up.  If you decide to purchase regular jeans, consider buying stretch jeans that are slightly loose or low-rise, so you can grow into them.  Another alternative is the baggy, loose-fitting Boyfriend Jean.  The Boyfriend is in vogue and hotter than ever, thanks to celebrities like Katie Holmes, so you’ll be au courant during your pregnancy.

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