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Gargyle Style! Store opening on Tuesday!


When the large exodus of hip stores from the LES started moving to Brooklyn, it was a true sign that NYC just wasn’t cutting it when it came to keeping it’s cool.  The once known mecca for tastemaking trendsetters was becoming too corporate, expensive and way too gentrified for the young and starving designers.  Well, come back to the dark side my friends, come back to the dark side!

Gargyle has made their way back from a year long hiatus in DUMBO.  Come on, let’s face it, DUMBO wants to be like Manhattan, but it just doesn’t cut it.  It’s still Brooklyn and there are more corporate iBankers there than you can imagine.  But with that said, I love DUMBO and love shopping there.  Some of my fave shops such as Zoe, Pomme, and Half Pint are all within walking distance and how can I forget Almondine Bakery for their fabulous pastries and baked goodies.  But back to Gargyle! They will be opening their store Tuesday on the LES/Chinatown. Hooray!  We can all save on an additional trip across the bridge.

Gargyle, which is inspired by early country club lifestyle, is aimed to revive and modernize the spirit of it.  The store is known for their ability to be ahead of the trend featuring obscure labels that are destined to be huge before you know it, such as a Common Project, 3:33 Footwear, Swear, YMC, Peter Jensen and Corpus.  Oh, let’s not forget Rogues Gallery and United Bamboo, love these labels!

So, if you are a trendsetter constantly searching for the next best label to buy, stop in at Gargyle for up to the minute brands that you’ll be wanting for your fall wardrobe.  New additions include our Swedish favorites Acne Jeans, Deka Ray’s gorgeous jewelry, and lines from B Store and Opening Ceremony.

Gargyle, 16A Orchard St (at Canal), 917-470-9367

–Nikki Cho Russo

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