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Denim Stylefinder: How to Look Taller

Natalie Portman in Vogue Magazine, 2002. Source:

Natalie Portman in Vogue Magazine, 2002. Source:

Forget about those purported growth serums.  I’m not talking about wearing vertical stripes or major leg-lengthening surgery.  With a few minor style adjustments, anybody can appear taller (and often slimmer in the process) in just minutes.  What am I talking about are this summer’s most coveted denim cuts and unexpected looks.  Dress like a superstar or a supermodel!  Petite powerhouses like Natalie Portman (about 5′ 3″) and Kate Moss (who is only about 5′ 6″) have looked statuesque with a few signature tricks.

Vanessa Hudgens rocks the SIWY cropped jean shorts. Source: SINGER22.

Vanessa Hudgens (about 5' 2" tall) rocks the SIWY cut off shorts in Snowstorm. Source: SINGER22.

Try your hand at tapered, ankle length or capri jeans.  Don’t get them too high-waisted, especially if you have a short torso.  Let your tops and jackets do the work for you.  Definitely work the Boyfriend jean either cuffed or rolled up past the ankles, showing off very high heels or platform shoes.  With summer heat, give the ??ber mini skirt or cut-off shorts a shot.  I like the A.P.C. raw denim Mini Skirt.  It has a refined yet barely there mini look that does the trick.  Pair your jeans with short, cropped jackets.  Make sure the jacket is cut above your hipbone.  All these style tips creates the illusion that your legs are longer.

If you have long hair, pile it up high in a bundle or high ponytail.  If you’re considering getting a haircut, make sure the style shows off your neck.  By exposing your neck, you also create the illusion that you are taller, like a swan gracefully gliding around town.  And, walk confidently, with shoulders back and your head held high.  Cut looking down at your iPhone to a minimum.  Don’t text and walk.  Your posture and your new-found taller self will thank me for it.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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