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Denim Insider: Marc Allison Jeans

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With all the dizzying array of denim styles out there, it’s always nice to find a denim brand that goes further to bring you expert tailoring and advanced textile technology.  Marc Allison Jeans, (formerly Marc Alan Jeans) a semi-newbie to the premium denim mix, has decidely produced fashion’s It-Jeans with a refined flair.  Take their skinny jeans, for instance.  I’m serious.  Take them, and try them on!  They feel velvety soft and stretchy.  No pinching on your hip bones and the skinny jeans I tried on conforms to the length of my legs without choking them.  Marc Allison michi2Marc Allison michi1Marc Allison michi3

I tried on the Michi Skinny in Medium Blue Indigo with abrasion (it’s still pretty dark), which are super low-rise, so ladies with a booty will look great in these.  If you have less junk in the trunk, they may ride down a bit if you squat, but the waistband doesn’t pucker out.  Don’t be scared off by the 32″ inseam if you normally go shorter, because they crinkle up a bit.  The cut of the jean also doesn’t choke the ankles, so, even though they are skinny, legging-like jeans, they have a made-for-you look.

So, I had to find out what was the real story behind these super comfy jeans, and Marc Flashberg, President of Marc Allison Jeans, was nice enough to fill me in.

What inspires you?
My love of denim.  I’ve been selling denim since the inception of the premium denim market and it became a major part of my life.  Over the years, I’ve moved from selling denim to creating denim fabrics, and now actually designing my own line.

We have something different, something you can’t get any where else in the denim market.  It is so inspiring to hear comments on the feel of the jean, the comfort and movability, [and] the recovery in the jean that it motivates me to continue our journey.  

What bugs you about some “premium” denim jeans currently out?
It really bothers me that a woman can put on a beautiful fitting pair of jeans in the morning and then half way through the day, the fit is gone.  The jean doesn’t come anywhere close to looking as good at the end of the day as they do when they are put on at the start of their day.  The major reason for this is the fabric.

Unlike other premium denim, the entire Marc Allison jeans line is designed with a completely new fabric that no other brand is offering ??“ a four-way X-FIT stretch denim infused with Supima cotton, that makes for a stunningly flattering fit, extraordinary movement and comfort, with great recovery so it won’t stretch out.

Are there plans for a men’s denim line? If so, when?
We’d love to start working on a men’s denim line; however, we are focusing all our efforts on the woman’s wear market. We do believe we will be able to start designing a men’s line within the next 2 years.

Marc Allison Jeans can currently be found at select Theory stores, and other upscale boutiques in the coming months.

???Stay Tuned for a Marc Allison jeans giveaway!???


Kathy Ng Hassan


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