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Denim Insider: Buckler S/S 2009 Menswear Show

I scurried across the west side highway to Pier 92 in shoes that really are not meant for distance walking, but you have to suffer a little for fashion. Andrew Buckler was presenting his Spring/Summer 2009 menswear show at the Men’s Runway NY Blue & Collective.  Surrounded by some of the edgiest fashionistas in town, I made my way up to the show’s check in entrance greeted by fresh faced hosts of People’s Revolution, who organized Buckler’s show.

Fashion shows are always so exciting, but most importantly, it gives you carte blanche to wear what ever the hell you want. The more outlandish the better in my book.  It also allows you to check out how men and women are styling themselves.  A lot of fashion eye-candy.

With a staff pass, I was able to get backstage to watch behind the scene prepping of Buckler’s show.  Andrew Buckler, in his signature skin-tight jeans and kick-ass sneakers, seemed calm and cool making last minute adjustments on his models.  There were photographers flashing away.  One very funny and embarrassing moment for me was when I was taking photos of the scene and a photographer was pointing his lens directly at me.  I thought he wanted to take my photo so I stood and smiled and then he said, "Uh, can you move please, you’re in the way." He wanted to take a shot of the model standing behind me.  A very Seinfeld moment.  Live and learn people, live and learn!

Oh, that’s right, how can we forget that Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, of The Hills, are now working for People’s Revolution? (Watch The Hills Season 4 Trailer — the juicy season premiers August 16!).  They looked gorgeous as usual, juggling between working with the models and posing for the paparazzi. I also spotted Dominic Prietto of Make Me a Supermodel.  He was the cocky DJ turned model.  I was glad to see that he stuck it out and got his modeling career off the ground.

Then it was lights, camera, action!  The music was dark, reminiscent to a Gregorian Ava Satani.  Buckler’s collection had a very toned-down and controlled goth feel to it.  In my view, a fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and A Clockwork Orange 70’s English wit.  Once again, very sexy, skintight pants and jeans, several drop-crotch in the mix (the Denim Diva called it!), which I loved.  There was a great amount of detailing on the cut, stitching and washes of his pants.  His jackets, vests and tops had a minimalist yet rocker aesthetic.  I was wowed by his two-toned pointy shoes and high-top sneakers.  Now if only he would start a women’s line!  Buckler would give Daryl K and Helmut Lang a run for their money!

My evening ended on a high when I met the Sartorialist on my way out.  His talent for photographing fashionable people on the streets of NY, Paris, and Milan are always interesting to view.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

–Nikki Cho Russo

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