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Boy Oh Boy: Kato Jeans and Kustom Kicks!

Let’s close our eyes and  just forget, for a minute, that businesses are collapsing, real estate values are plummeting, jobs are vanishing and think happy thoughts of luxe denim jeans, custom made sneakers and having the extra cash to refresh your spring wardrobe.  Can you see it?  Ah, exhale and give me a nice “ohm”.  


Kato Cinch Back Jeans

Kato jeans are in the house, of oki-ni, that is.  These meticulously made denim jeans are revered by the most discerning denim aficionados and available at oki-ni.  Not only are jeans available, but great shirts and jackets are in the collection.  Denim jackets make a come back this spring, check out Kato’s version! 


Kato Denim Jacket

Now if you are a sneaker freaker, boy, do I have a great one for you! Get yourself a pair or two or three of customized kicks at Yoa Kustom Shoes.  Be a proud owner of one-of-a-kind kicks!  You can either send them your own sneakers or have them purchase them for you.  Every pair comes with an illustration and certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that you have a one-of-a-kind pair that will not be duplicated.  Stand out of the crowd, be yourself, get Yoa Kustomized!


"D (EYE) No-Mite"

Yoa Kustom "Alice N Wunderland"

"Alice N Wunderland"










Buy Kato Now!

Buy Yoa Kustomize Now!

–Nikki Cho Russo

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