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Mom Jeans: Would You Wear Them?

When you hear the term “mom jeans,” we’re betting your initial reaction is something along the lines of a guttural, “Ugh.” But does it have to be? Spanish style blogger Laura took her vintage mom jeans and made them look not-so-unflattering with a sheer, tropical shirt, wedges, and BAMF sunglasses. Some people can definitely pull off this look, but we’re not sold that it’s for everyone. So let’s revisit the question: mom jeans—yeah or nay?

Images via Views, by Laura

—Brie Hiramine

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Posted Jun 14 2012 in Denim Fashion » Street Style Watch

Would You Wear These Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Denim-Leather Overalls?

A fair number of people don’t venture into the world of denim overalls beyond OshKosh B’Gosh, but Chloë Sevigny has never been one to shy away from quirky-casual clothing in both her personal style and designs. Her latest nostalgia-tinged collection for Opening Ceremony includes a pair of short denim overalls, complete with a detachable leather bodice–definitely not standard workwear garb. So how do you feel about this update on the gardening classic? Do the leather and fit make it wearable, or are you still cringing with memories from your kindergarten days? Let us know!

Zip-Off Overall ($380) — buy at Opening Ceremony

—Brie Hiramine

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Posted Jan 18 2012 in Denim Buys

Street Style: Would You Wear This Full Length Denim Hooded Jacket?

We’ve heard of “better safe than sorry”, and we sort of believe “more is more” when it comes to wearing denim, but would you wear this full length hooded denim jacket? We spotted this bold moment in street style and were instantly amused, but can’t quite imagine pulling this robe of denim on under normal circumstances and taking to the streets. Maybe in Amsterdam, or in Hogwarts?… Still, somehow this girl pulls it off in a super chic way with bright purple lipstick and a cozy knit dress belted underneath.

full length denim coat would you wear this

Image via Hel Looks.

—DT Staff

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Posted Sep 08 2011 in Denim Fashion » Street Style Watch
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