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Window Shopper NYC: American Apparel Soho NYC

American Apparel, despite rumors of a massive downfall and sexual harassment lawsuits up the wazoo, have still maintained a cult following and the undisputed status of “cool kid in school” since they started selling overpriced knit roller shorts to college kids. We’re not gonna lie, we love the basic color options for styling, and while some of their novelty items will split at the seams after one raucous night of partying, it’s fun to browse and fun to wear. We popped by their Soho shop on Broadway recently to snap some photos of their window display. We’re loving the chambray tops and denim duffle bag, preceded by rows of summer nail polish colors. If one thing’s for certain, they know how to set the mood for city kids to shop.


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—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jun 14 2011 in Denim Fashion

Winder Shopper NYC: Madewell Soho

We’re bringing window shopper back just in time for the gorgeous spring-summer window displays of New York’s finest denim retailers! Our latest stop was at Madewell in Soho, where the colorful decor and spring-y ensembles had us visualizing our escapes from the city in serious style. The front window was decorated in pom-poms and fringe, and while that may sound like a kid’s birthday party, the aforementioned frou-frou was done in a fun spectrum of jewel tones, making it super classy. Outfits included basic separates like denim shorts & lace tops, styled with woven hats and bright cardigans. Favorite accessories included a floral-print silk scarf and denim-textured espadrilles. Drooling yet?


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—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jun 07 2011 in Denim Fashion

Window Shopper New York City: Lucky Brand 67th St

In this edition of Window Shopper, we stroll by the Lucky Brand boutique on the corner of 67th Street and 3rd Avenue. While we could have guessed at the styling before we even got close enough to peer through the glass (ethnic ’70s rustic boho-galore), we loved the addition of  the oversize vintage luggage and tin lantern that gave an air of summer jet-set so the scene.





—Jackie Racer

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Posted Mar 15 2011 in Denim Fashion

Window Shopper New York City: H&M

H&M on Lexington Ave and 59th street has an enticing bit of info painted on its window… denim for under $10? Sounds too good to be true… and too cheap to be anything but fast fashion. But we did enjoy the cool blue display of mannequins amidst the miniature hot air balloons (some of which were ballooned out of denim!), styled in camel-colored leather, long tiered skirts, denim vests, and belted knit tunics. It was somewhat like a whimsical moment from a storybook.




—Jackie Racer & Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Mar 01 2011 in Denim Fashion

Window Shopper New York City: Yellow Rat Bastard

The largest location of the Yellow Rat Bastard chain resides in Soho, NY. The urban street wear line based the concept of their store on a Sin City comic, so the graphic details and dark windows make a lot of sense. We did see some pops of colored denim and some fun back pocket stitching detail, like the Union Jack and a bunch of dancing skeletons. Converse sneakers were pinned up one side of the wall and mannequins stood three-wide dressed in layered urban-winter attire. We do admire their consistency.







—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Feb 15 2011 in Denim Fashion

Window Shopper New York City: Madewell

Madewell in Soho, NYC always goes above and beyond the call of generic window display, with crafty, kitschy, vintage inspired concepts. From their jars full of metal sewing notions to the vintage film cameras and spools of yarn, we get inspired just peering through the glass. This time around we found hand-dipped spoons in different hues of paint strung in the windows—such a charming touch! And of course, there were highly tempting jeans in the window too.









Can’t make it to Soho? Shop Madewell denim online now!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Feb 08 2011 in Denim Fashion
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