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Read One Denim Therapy Customer’s Raw Denim Philosophy

We couldn’t help but share this thought-provoking email, received from one of our loyal Denim Therapy customers. Do you agree? Disagree? How do you approach your relationship with your favorite jeans? Tell us on facebook! We want to hear your story.


“Every time I get a pair of brand new jeans, something happens. Like a dog jumps on me at a dinner party and bingo, two weeks in, I’ve more or less failed.

I say failed because part of the appeal of raw denim is its newness, its pristine quality. There’s no other option that looks as gorgeously textured. It’s why the stuff has caught on in style-worlds that favor fresh, crisp looks (hip-hop). In the same way that sneakers are kept as pristine as possible, some folks treat their jeans that way. Also, any attempts to wear jeans as remotely formal are greatly helped by a flawless pair.

At the same time, I hear time and time again that raw denim is supposed to tell a story through its wear. Life is organic and imperfect and these jeans tell the world this in the most explicit way. Is this an either/or proposition? Is there a turning point? A gradual descent? Is it essentially a question of what style-world you fall into–and what look your lifestyle realistically allows for?

Do I wear the jeans or do the jeans wear me?

There’s also the question of the idealized fade–perfect imperfection–versus the ugly realities of what life brings to pants. I read a lot about wallet fades and whiskering. No one seems nearly as into coffee spills or early discoloration.

It’s almost like denim comes into this world as extremely impressionable. If it goes through the right experiences, it ends up wise and battle-tested. If not, it has scars and we’re inclined to say it’s “fragile” at the start. It’s even more like us than we think!”

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—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 29 2013 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy

Meltin’ Pot Launches Style Me Up with Tokyo Dandy

Italian denim brand Meltin’ Pot Jeans launches their Style Me Up campaign: “about the blend of cultures and creating new ones and truly embracing the diversities of life, which is what Meltin’Pot is made from.”  Their e-shop is set to launch March 10 (sorry, no U.S. or U.K. access).




From The Denim Guy:

So the project kicks off with the infamous Tokyo-based duo, Dan Bailey and Kazuaki Joe K that are Tokyo Dandy. The three models are Joe from Tokyo Dandy, Shingo who is an actor and Peli a stylist and one of Tokyo’s hottest DJs. We asked them to bring their own accessories and left our styling to finding the right leg cut – the most important factor when wearing jeans.

Japanese fashion is often seen as involving a lot of layering and perhaps over styling so for ‘Style Me Up’ we wanted to focus on denim as a uniform classic which allows for you to show off your accessories, body and above all personality. Even with the busy kitsch background, like that of a busy street anywhere in the world, you can stand out in a pair of jeans.

10 TokyoDandy styling tips for the season.

1. Turn up collars, roll up sleeves – fit your clothes to your body.

2. Chromophobia is the fear of bright colors – this is unacceptable -embrace color! Even just a little with a bright tie or pair of socks, or if you’re really daring your hair.

3. Cut off jean legs in Summer for the comfiest pair of shorts…

Read the rest of the story at The Denim Guy.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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