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Get To Know Your Jeans! Warp VS. Weft

In this installment of “Get To Know Your Jeans!” we’ll teach you a little something about the fibers that are woven together to create your jeans. These two terms indicate the direction the yarn is going in the fabric.

The “warp” refers to the warp yarn, which is the vertical yarn. The “weft” refers to the weft yarn, which is the horizontal yarn.┬áBecause the weft yarn can be modified to create patterns and designs in the weave, you can think of the warp yarn as a kind of canvas or base. More technically speaking, the warp yarn is a foundation and the thread is usually stronger and more coarse, giving structure to the fabric.

Some denim brands vary the color of their warp and weft threads through thread-dying to create a unique texture and color as the denim fades. One brand that does this is NEUW Denim. Naked & Famous is another, as pictured below. When you cuff up the jeans and notice a contrasting color inside, the weft thread has been dyed.


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Image via Rawr Denim.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Mar 06 2012 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips
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