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Levi’s goes Water-Less

Sometimes less is more especially when we are talking about saving water and energy. Levi’s has managed to do just that with their launch of the Water<Less denim collection. Our all American brand is at the very forefront of the future. Most jeans are washed in industrial washing machines between three to ten times during the finishing process–and that adds up.


Don’t worry about the manufacturing because you are still getting the same kind of Levi that they always offered, just in a brand new way. Instead they are using simple fixes–combining multiple wet washing machine cycle processes into a single wet process, incorporating ozone processing into garment washing, removing water from the stone wash–to cut down on water consumption by an average of 28% in the Water<Less line. Some jeans have cut water use by 96%.


Levi’s first collection of Water<Less products, which includes over a dozen styles (Levi’s 501, 511, and 514 jeans among them- all of our favorites), will be released this month (January 2011) and start at $68 for the cheapest pair. By Spring 2011, Levi’s will have over 1.5 million Water<Less jeans for sale, saving a total of 16 million gallons of water. The goal is to apply such innovative thinking to other aspects of Levi’s production process. Four laundries in total were used to create the Water<Less collection and the brand will introduce these finishing techniques to more of their supplier factories around the world–which include hundreds of factories. Just think of how much H2O we can save if we all work together!

Saving the planet makes us feel great and its even better that you can still wear your good old blues- so get on with the trend and keep it going indefinitely. Visit for fun and free interactive events where you can learn more about Water<Less.

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— Jackie Racer

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Posted Jan 25 2011 in Denim News
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