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How To Transition Your Denim Into Spring

It’s finally March, and while the cold season is still churning out nearly intolerable days, you may have begun to wonder how to transition your denim into spring. One of our favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules, illustrates the perfect way to bring your layered wintered look into spring with a pair of white destroyed denim skinny jeans and a blush-hued sweatshirt. She ties her chambray shirt around her waist and tops the whole thing off with epic jeweled earrings. We’re in love!

wearing white denim destroyed distressed spring 2015

wearing white denim destroyed distressed spring 2015

The break down?

Trade in darker denim hues for whites and pastels.

Mix rosy hues with light colored outerwear.

Tie previously worn layers, like a chambray shirt, around your waist.

Keep it sweet by mixing destroyed denim with epic earrings.

See more from Sincerely Jules (all images by Sincerely Jules).

—DT Staff

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Bellerose Belgium Delivers Vintage-Style Tops To Pair With Your Favorite Jeans #MagicMarketWeek #ProjectLasVegas

Bellerose Belgium solves an age old problem: What shirt should I wear with my favorite jeans? With this line up of vintage-inspired woven and knit menswear tops, your question is answered. This designer sportswear line produces clothing for those seeking vintage-inspired styles in color, print and texture. Their FW13 collection is inspired by the Seattle grunge movement, featuring contrasting textures that are perfect for effortless layering. See our favorites below!

bellerose-belgium-wear-with-favorite-jeans (1)

Below, Mejor. Our top pick, a handmade sweater, made in Peru. 100% wool.

bellerose-belgium-wear-with-favorite-jeans (1)

Below, The Laudy coat, made of wool and mohair, featuring the fit of a rain jacket interpreted into a more luxurious approach.


Below, Folong. Japanese brushed cotton with wooden buttons. The flannel was made in an old japanese loom machine similar to selvadge denim about 1 meter long.

bellerose-belgium-wear-with-favorite-jeans (3)

Below, Luky jacket. Inspired by the 20’s jacket. Scottish tweed, 80% wool.

bellerose-belgium-wear-with-favorite-jeans (4)

See more at Bellerose Belgium.

Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—Raffael Flores-Contreras

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Would You Get A Denim Tattoo? Tenue de Nîmes Did!

We saw this gem on the Tenue de N?mes blog—a vintage-inspired denim-wearing tattoo of a saucy lady, by tattoo artist Tycho Veldhoen. We think it’s adorable, but it made us start to wonder… is our denim-love enough to motivate us to tattoo ourselves with the image of denim-wearing bliss?  We’re undecided, but we wanna know what you think. Let us know on the Denim Therapy facebook wall!

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Artisan De Luxe: An Exclusive Denim Interview

Artisan De Luxe might be somewhat of a new brand, but its roots are very deep (with a lot of celebrity appeal). The premium denim brand is the latest venture of renowned designer Philippe Naouri and business mogul Jay Furrow. Together the two have over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry. Known as the “Vintage King” and “Denim Genius”, Philippe Naouri launched Antik Denim, and consulted at Diesel, G-Star, Levis, American Eagle, Restoration Hardware, Affliction, and Replay. Jay Furrow, currently Chairman and CEO of Artisan de Luxe, oversaw the tremendous growth of JOE’s Jeans and has managed the development of numerous private and public branded consumer product companies—that’s just to name a few.


“The line highlights how art influences the American look; it is authentic and cool. Each piece is unique with its own personal hand-crafted feel”, Naouri said. Denim Therapy had the opportunity to learn more about the designer and the brand. Read On…

DT: How did you get started as a designer?

As a child, I have always been drawn to American culture, especially of the 50’s and 60’s – the cars, movies, clothing.  At age 17, I started selling vintage clothing to many reputable and big clothing companies, which kicked off my design career.

DT: Where does the inspiration for artisan de luxe come from? How did you launch this new collection?

My inspiration comes from watching artisans craft something…making each piece unique. I’m inspired by anything that crosses my path each day – a piece of artwork, furniture, a photograph.  I like antique shows, flea markets, art exhibits, and auctions – all inspire me. I launched this new collection in 2010 after 20 years of working in the denim industry, with my friend and business mogul, Jay Furrow.

DT: What kind of denim (fit, style, fabric, shade) does your company offer? Is your denim vintage?

We use the highest quality denim, that is vintage-inspired.  We collect fabrics from all over the world and mix and match washes, creating patch-work pieces.  Each piece is truly unique.

How do you incorporate the other pieces such as jewelry or leather etc. Into your denim collection?

ADL: The accessories complete the look by integrating genuine leathers, precious stones, sterling silver, gold, and hand beaded jewelry – all a reflection of the artisanal, vintage feel of the line.

DT: Who is your favorite celeb to wear your designs?

ADL: Most recently, Kristen Stewart and Pierce Brosnan.  I envision everyone wearing the line from Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to Nicole Richie and Zac Efron.


DT: What are some of the ways you love to see denim worn? And how do you wear your jeans?

ADL: Anyway that is a true reflection of yourself.  I like mixing and matching denim with embellished & patchwork tops – anything that is a form of self-expression.  I wear my jeans like I’ve had them my whole life – worn in with character and personality.

DT: Where do you see the future of your company headed? As well as the denim industry in general (such as trends)?

I see Artisan de Luxe evolving with designs that will cater to fashion-forward types as well as those on trend.  I see the Artisan de Luxe boutiques expanding all over the world.

DT: How many pieces and what kind of denim do you own?

I own around 300 pairs of vintage jeans.

DT: Any advice you would give to an aspiring designer?

ADL: Never give up on your dreams – anything can  happen.

DT: What makes your jeans unique in comparison to other company’s?

ADL: Each piece looks like one-of-a-kind; like a piece you found in a vintage store.  The strong attention to detail along with the quality really makes us stand apart from other companies.

DT: Tell us a little bit about AMEN? And/or other projects that might be underway?

ADL: A.M.E.N by Artisan de Luxe is a fashion line with a conscience. It stands for Always Meet Every Need.  All of the pieces are one-of-a-kind and hand-made in the Mokanji Village of Sierra Leon, Africa, with the intentions of helping to rebuild the war-torn community. One day of work at A.M.E.N feeds two families that day. The clothes are unisex (pieces start at $75) and they are available where Artisan de Luxe is sold, including the brand’s flagship store in LA, as well as other department stores nationwide.  It really is an amazing line that is super empowering.

We are always brainstorming more projects for the line – it is truly a lifestyle brand, so anything that we can incorporate into that, we are open to.

DT: Can you elaborate on fashion as art? And how your boutique holds as a fashion gallery? Will there be any more store openings?

ADL: To me, I find beauty in imperfections of the individual touch – something hand-crafted and unique – just like any piece of art.  Fashion to me is just wearable art. Our boutique in LA is a reflection of my eclectic sensibility and contains special vintage finds I’ve come across.  It’s just another example of how fashion merges with art.

Yes, definitely more store openings – stay tuned!

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Artisan De Luxe for helping us bring you this interview. To learn more visit their website. You can also visit their boutique if you happen to be around town at 8574 Melrose Avenue (the heart of West Hollywood), California.

—Jackie Racer

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