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Are Bell Bottom Jeans Coming Back?


Are Bell Bottom Jeans Coming Back?


Try These Techniques For Distressing Denim


Skinny Jeans = Health Problems For Men?

Denim Therapy can fix a lot of your problems, but not all of them. Apparently, it’s true! If you’re a dude and you wear super tight jeans, you may want to go up one size. The latest reports suggests men can suffer from “twisted testicles” if they engage in extremely tight pant-wearing.

Medical experts, including UK television personality Dr. Hilary Jones, have reported an increase in injuries being caused by tight jeans, cites The Telegraph on Wednesday. “The trendy denims are causing twisted testicles, bladder weakness, and even urinary tract infections.”

Gents, read up and give your balls a break(Tee-hee) Also, someone please tell Conan to put his jeggings on the shelf for good.


—DT Staff

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Posted Jul 16 2012 in Denim News
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