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“Do Denim” 20 Spring Denim Picks From The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report published their 20 favorite picks for spring denim, featuring all of the prints, neons, and textures we’ve been talking about as trending elements for the warm weather wardrobe season. Some of our fav’s include Alexander Wang Botanical Ombré Jeans ($395), a KARL Sless Denim Biker Vest ($540), and Goldsign Virtual Floral Skinny Jeans ($225). We would have liked to see some more neutral denim thrown in the mix for those who aren’t big on electric colors and leopard print, but… it’s the Zoe Report, so trendy denim ahoy!


Check out the rest of the 20 picks at the Zoe Report.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Rachel Zoe Loves Denim Therapy!

When Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist to the who’s who of all IT girls, recommends Denim Therapy as the go-to service for denim repair, well, it’s the kind of compliment to receive that is champagne popping worthy!

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The Zoe Report

Denim Therapy Repair Services

Amidst the varying degrees of styles, trends and silhouettes that we as fashion enthusiasts may choose to follow—or not follow—there is one universal truth that connects us all: our jeans. Whether you prefer skinny,wide-leg or cropped, there is no denying that they are the uniform of all uniforms. In fact, I wear my wide-leg denim options so often that they have certainly seen better days…but near-disaster solved! You see, with the magical powers of Denim Therapy, I can bring them back to life.

That’s right Zoe Reporters, anytime you find that you’ve worn your go-to pair of jeans to shreds (literally) you can simply send them out to the Denim Therapy doctors for a little R&R…andvoil?, they come back to you better than ever. Whether the damage you face is holes, tears, or a broken zipper, this totally convenient service will give your beloved jeans the most natural looking and quickest fix-up possible. Oh and if that wasn’t cool enough, Denim Therapy also transforms any pair of jeans into temporary maternity jeans for the mommy-to-be…AND are launching a new tie-dye feature to their site next month. Just what the doctor ordered! xoRZ

Availability: Denim Therepy Denim Repair ($7/inch + shipping). Enter promo code TZR at checkout and receive 10% off purchase, now through 12/22/10.

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–Nikki Cho Russo

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