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The DT Raw Denim Project: If Our Jeans Could Talk

We’ve been wondering what our jeans would say if they could talk. It’s been 84 days (more about the project on our Tumblr), and that’s quite a lot of togetherness. So we listened in:


Jean Shop: Hey Nudie, How’s it hanging?

Nudie: Not too bad, just enjoying my break. 84 days of wear is exhausting.

Jean Shop: Yeah, but your ass looks great! Nice pocket fade.

Nudie: Thanks man, how are you coming along?

Jean Shop: Good, still a little stiff in my joints but I’ve been softening out.

Nudie: Yeah, you’re definitely looking a little thinner.

Jean Shop: Thanks! Got any plans this weekend?

Nudie: A soak may be in the cards for me.

Jean Shop: Niiice. I’ve got some BBQs.

Nudie: Watch out for the beer and BBQ sauce, it only takes one beer to get you feeling really dirty.

Jean Shop: Wouldn’t be the first time!

Nudie: Oh snap! Have a great weekend. Stay clean.

Jean Shop: Enjoy your soak!


—Renee Sykes and Gordon Sims


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Posted May 27 2011 in Raw Denim Project
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