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Would You Wear This Hysteric Glamour Denim Jacket?

From spikes to studs this season has definitely been all about denim with a rebellious edge, taking our textile of choice to new extremes of definite bad-assery. So what could possibly take it to even another level? Well, according to Hysteric Glamour a heavy dose of patches like on these faded and worn denim jackets will do just the trick. We have to admit we totally dig it—especially the whole punk aesthetic right out of the streets of London. How about you? Would you wear this? Sound off on our Facebook!

Hysteric Glamour jean jacket with patch details

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—Sandoval Gomez

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Posted May 31 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear

Le Blog de Betty: Destroyed Denim Cut-Offs with Spiked Studs – The Most Rock’N’Roll Shorts On Earth?

How rock’n’roll can you go? Betty of Le Blog de Betty recently posted up her destroyed-denim cut-offs that are flanked by rows of large spiked-studs. Something we’d imagine a modern-day Nancy Spongeon wearing. We have to wonder if, while casually walking and swinging her arms just slightly, she might become a fashion victim (in the need-a-bandaid sense). But we imagine Betty has acquired a dedication to looking cool that even a couple scrapes and cuts can’t know down. Let’s just hope she doesn’t fall off her bike sideways.

Le Blog de Betty: Destroyed Denim Cut-Offs with Spiked Studs

Le Blog de Betty: Destroyed Denim Cut-Offs with Spiked Studs

It looks like you’ll have to DIY these bad-boys, because for the moment, they’re sold out everywhere.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted May 11 2011 in Denim Fashion » Street Style Watch
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