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oki-ni: Levis Vintage, Simon Miller and Nom de Guerre Online Now!

We have a bit of a denim spectacular this week with the long awaited launch of the ‘Wrath and Dust’ themed Levi’s Vintage Clothing collection and the addition of a new name to our fast flourishing brand list in Simon Miller Jeans.

Levi’s brings us some classic 501 styles in rigid denim with all original detailing and washes with names like ‘Barren Land’, ‘Rootless’ and ‘Roadside’ to represent the struggles of the Dust Bowl migrants. There is some really top quality shirting on offer this season too and it comes beautifully presented in ‘Sun Set’ boxes.

Simon Miller is top quality, clean denim sourced from Japan and made in the US. Scrutinised at length by the guys in the office and hardly a speck of branding could be found on these jeans- they have been hailed as ‘the best quality, most understated’ denim style around.

Nom de Guerre has arrived! We’ve had our first delivery including some new styles to the ones that were available on pre-order. This will shift fast so snap it up immediately!

The oki-ni team

levisOriginally designed as workwear and adopted by farmers and gold prospectors, Levi’s jeans were built to last. The USA was already in the grip of The Great Depression during the mid 1930s, when severe drought caused thousands of people to migrate south from The Great Plains to California. The Dust Bowl catastrophe or the ‘Dirty Thirties’ turned the sky black as hundreds of acres of fertile land was blown to dust.

With their lives in the balance, fashion was not high on the list of priorities. Dark or light shades of denim; worn-in or worn-out – it didn’t matter. Adopting a make-do-and-mend attitude these true survivors dressed in the best they could; waste not, want not- the smallest item had value.

The Spring/Summer 2008 Levi’s Vintage Clothing collection is called ‘Wrath and Dust’. It is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of the Dust Bowl migrants. Hard-wearing products such as Levi’s jeans were vital friends in a time when the smallest thing could make a difference.
















Simon Miller Jeans was established in 2006 in L.A. The company aims to make the highest quality denim jeans with pride and integrity in the USA. All Simon Miller denim is the highest quality sourced from Japan. While many companies claim this, we can truly state that our denim is the best available in the world, mixing selvedge and non-selvedge finishes throughout the collection

All the production, sewing and washing of Simon Miller Jeans is done domestically in the USA in downtown Los Angeles. All rivets and domes are sourced through YKK USA.

Simon Miller Jeans will always be proudly MADE IN THE USA, and wherever possible they aim to support the domestic economy.














Nom de Guerre is a New York based creative collective who combine basic and diverse influences from art, fashion and various New York City subcultures to create their product.

This ‘Storm and Stress’ collection combines history and myth to produce an expression of extremes within the parameters of military ideologies and references. The resulting look is a uniform proposal of a conceptual regiment of boys. The palatte is light blues and greys, colours mimicking the horizon line. These base colours are set off by midnight blue and white – elemental colours of regimental dress clothing.

Outerwear is storm resisitant – made from DM-3 Gore-Tex, pants are made from rugges denim and woven cottons, fine shirting cotton is a staple of the collection and is a washed oxford in utilitarian styles reminiscent of jungle uniforms.




To view all three collections, go to 

Free shipping on all orders placed before midnight on Sunday 22nd Feb – type this code in at the checkout: POSTMAN




–Nikki Cho Russo

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