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Eco-Friendly Denim Roundup

Today’s denim tip of the day? Take care of the earth! Sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious fashion is all the rage these days. And this is one rising trend we can’t support enough. If you’re looking for a stylish pair of jeans that are manufactured to meet the standards of society’s collective eco-conscious effort (or you just want more information on who’s on this bandwagon), check out our round-up of eco-friendly denim brands below.

Pictured above, M2f light wash skinny jeans ($130) – buy it at Singer22.

Serfontaine + This LA-based denim brand that has sworn off chemicals used in the denim-distressing process, and instead use organic fruit enzymes and hand-administered abrasion techniques.

REUSE Jeans + An eco-conscious denim company that began using sustainable 80% recycled fabrics in spring 2010, and is now at the forefront of the battle against the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

James Jeans + A brand that proudly uses eco-friendly washes, handmade patterns, and couture draping techniques. They promote various ways to “go green” on their blog—check it out!

M2F + When you think eco-friendly, you might think earth tones & drab clothing… but M2F has changed the way we envision sustainable denim forever. Their line features vibrant, bright, gorgeous colors that you’ll look amazing in and feel good about wearing. Their manufacturing technology includes two major elements: Certified Chemical Free Made2Fade™ Yarn Technology and the Clear H20 Colors™ Earth Smart Dye Process. You can read more about those at their website, and be sure to read our Q&A with the brand.

7 For All Mankind + This wildly popular brand of denim doesn’t support the use of pesticides, and produces nearly 100% organic jeans (some styles contain a small percentage of spandex) in styles that make is really, really easy to be kinder to the planet.

Kuyichi + The ultimate in sustainable fashion, Kuyichi’s jeans are made using organic cotton and wool, hemp, linens, and techniques like recycled polyester, natural dyes, and vegetable tanning. This European company is rapidly expanding (and we can only hope they’ll brand stateside in the near future).

Green Edge Denim + A denim company with a beautiful mission, Greenedge aims to outfit and educate the younger generations (we’re talking kids & babies) in earth-friendly concepts from the very beginning, with certified organic cotton grown and sustainable treatment processes.

Nudie Jeans + Nudie was recently given an environmental award for their second hand denim collection—a system where customers buying jeans leave a pair of their old ones behind with to receive a discount (and some good karma). Those jeans are then recycled into a new pair for some other denim-loving customer to enjoy.

Aoki Denim + Aoki Denim is produced with raw organic cotton and strives to mesh the idea of aesthetically beautiful fashion with responsible production techniques.

Sling and Stones + The mission of Sling and Stones is simple: “to produce the most luxurious and best fitting jeans in the world, all while protecting the earth and loving its people.” They do so by using American-grown organic Supima cotton that results in virtually pesticide-free product.

Levi’s + Levi’s amazing Water<less denim campaign is saving both water and energy. While most jeans are washed in massive industrial washing machines, wasting an incredible amount of this precious resource, Water<less jeans are cutting down on the amount of water used in a big way. Read more about it here.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Serfontaine Denim: An Exclusive Q&A

If you’re looking for the three F’s of denim ( fit, function, and fabric) then the newly redesigned brand Serfontaine is one you should check up on. They forgo the latest trends in denim for everlasting staples to add to your wardrobe. Sound good? Read on for our exclusive interview.


Denim Therapy: How do you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of popular denim brands afloat right now?

Serfontaine: Serfontaine is a premium denim brand which utilizes the latest in design and fabric technology, to achieve jeans that are made to fit your body. Serfontaine is the first premium denim brand to create an entire jean collection with Bi-Stretch technology infused with T400 fiber, a far superior stretch technology to spandex or Lycra. We separate ourselves from other brands because we have 360 degree stretch due to the X-fit Lycra plus Supima Cotton is incorporated into the jeans, also known as the Cashmere of cottons.

DT: Describe the (man/woman/man or woman) who represents your ideal target customer—the customer you have in mind when you’re planning a collection.

Serfontaine: The jeans are designed with women in mind that are discern, assertive, individualistic, doesn’t follow trends but understands fashion.

DT: Can you give us hint about what’s next?

Serfontaine: In the next collection we will have flared jeans, and some more luxurious jeans.

DT: Favorite celeb wearing your brand?

Serfontaine: In the previous collections we had various celebs wearing our jeans. My personal favourite would be Sienna Miller, however I can only speak for myself in this matter.

—Jackie Racer

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Denim Desires: Serfontaine’s Fishnet Shorts

Serfontaine The Vandal Short
I’m not normally into ripped jeans.  I’ve been through that phase in the 80s when I was a young ‘un, and I haven’t seen too many ripped-up jeans that make me want to revisit those days.  However… Serfontaine always has a way of making me rethink my preconceived notions of what jeans I should wear.  Have you taken a good look at their The Vandal denim shorts with fishnet lining?  It’s a sexy take on what could’ve been a regular old ripped up pair of jeans shorts.  In the area of design, the shredded parts of these shorts make sense; it is to show off the black fishnet lining, which is continuous and visible through the rips and at the cut off point.  Then, you can make the point of wearing some meshy, cut-out platform heels that growl when you look at them.  You maneater, you!


— Kathy Ng Hassan


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Denim Deals: Madewell, Serfontaine, William Rast, Paper Denim & Cloth

Madewell 1937 dec sale

Catch these denim sales, in progress this week:

  • MADEWELL: women’s jeans, apparel and accessories on sale for $110 or less – in STORES near you.
  • PAPER DENIM & CLOTH: $39 women’s jeans; $29-$39 jackets and sweaters  – SHOP IDEELI
  • SERFONTAINE: women’s jeans from $69-$99 – SHOP HAUTELOOK
  • WILLIAM RAST: women’s jeans from  $79-$109 – GILT GROUPE

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Insider: Introducing Due Donne of Eugene, Oregon


The city of Eugene is lucky to have Chris Hayward-Mayhew. A fashion-forward mother and businesswoman, Chris and her daughter, Clarice, have owned the Due Donne Boutique in Eugene, Oregon for over three years now. With a deep understanding of the fashion world’s movements and trends, these two women have introduced extraordinary American and European designers that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

“We don’t overlap with what other people are carrying,” Mayhew explains. “We want to do something different.”

And different is without a doubt part of what gives Due Donne its warmth and charm. Customers browsing for denim will never find any overplayed labels such as True Religion, Seven or Citizens of Humanity. Rather, they will be opened up to exquisite high-end designers such as Earnest Sewn, Red Engine, Blue Tattoo, Serfontaine, PRVCY, Agate Nectar, and Pink. Chris and Clarice pride themselves on carrying quality designers that will let their customers distinguish themselves from others in their threads.

dsc_3884“I like the change in fashion,” Mayhew contends. The whole idea behind Due Donne is to avoid following generic trends, to embrace a sense of confidence through chic, timeless pieces that speak to customers as individuals.

“If I start looking like everyone else, I don’t want to be wearing those pieces anymore,” Mayhew explains.

And with Agave Nectar’s higher rise, PRVCY’s ten percent donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation, and Serfontaine’s consistently soft fabrics and progressive cuts, the selection itself is diverse enough for any denim lover.

It comes as no surprise that Chris and Clarice can attribute their foundation of designer knowledge to years in the fashion industry. The two spent over a decade in Europe, with Clarice modeling for major publications and agencies throughout the world while Chris ultimately expanded her involvement in the fashion world to her own clothing line, importing luxurious European pieces all over the United States in Oregon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas and Dallas, among other locations.

due-donne1Today, the two women are settling into the new location they opened just nine months ago. The new Due Donne has brought in first-time visitors and new customers, giving more Eugene locals the opportunity to open their eyes to a fresh perspective on fashion.

“To me, fashion is art,” Mayhew says. “The way you wear your clothes is an expression of yourself.” Sitting on a warm, orange lounge chair overlooking the boutique’s denim selection, Mayhew is poised and comfortable with an indescribably inspiring sense of confidence that epitomizes the theories that she advocates.

It is simple enough to discover the denim lines that everyone is wearing, and the cut or style that may be popular with another group, but it speaks to a deep and true love of fashion to explore the possibilities. The world is an interesting place because it is full of interesting people like yourself. Due Donne is just here to help you embrace it.


Saara Lankarani

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Haute Mom Jeans: Style, Tips and Tricks

Soft Denim Maternity Shorts, available at Isabella Oliver.

Soft Denim Maternity Shorts, available at ISABELLA OLIVER.

Since Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10, I figure I’d feature some hot designer maternity jeans, along with a few tips.  As usual, I like to feature the deals, so don’t fret!  It’s an exciting time to be a new mom, because there are so many style innovations nowadays.  Whether you’re having your first child or your sixth, the modern mom doesn’t have to dress in tent dresses or look frumpy!  And, even if you’re not in the market to buy a new pair of designer maternity jeans, perhaps you’ll be encouraged by how you can extend the life of your pre-existing jeans and find creative ways to wear regular jeans through most of your pregnancy.

Featured Maternity Jeans
7 for All Mankind, assorted styles $149-$179 (was $210), available at A Pea in the Pod.

CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Kelly Maternity jean in Pacific Wash.

CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Kelly Maternity jean in Pacific Wash.

Citizens of Humanity Kelly Maternity Jeans, $157.50 (was $175), available at Due Maternity.
Isabella Oliver Soft Denim Shorts, $110.  Adjustable waist ties that grow with you.
Joe’s Jeans Secret Fit Belly(tm) Pencil Skirt, $94.99 (was $190), available at A Pea in the Pod.
Lucky Brand under belly signature pocket crop jean, $49.99 (was $112), available at A Pea in the Pod.
Mama J by J Brand, $90 (was $180), size 32 only, available at Gingerbread Monkeys. [Style note:  elastic is discretely placed on the side pockets.  See image for details.]

Mavi Secret Fit Belly(tm) Capri jeans.

Mavi Secret Fit Belly(tm) Capri jeans.

Mavi Jeans Secret Fit Belly(tm) 5 pocket slim leg, $79.99 (was $118), available at A Pea in the Pod.
Serfontaine Mezzanine Maternity jeans, $156.60 (was $174), available at Due Maternity.  [Style note:  elastic belly fabric is only in the front, and not all the way around the waistband.]
True Religion Billy underbelly jean, $169 (was $210), available at A Pea in the Pod.

How to Wear Maternity Jeans
Since most maternity jeans have a belly-hugging elastic fabric that begins from the hipbone on up, it can be tricky to hide the fact that you’re wearing maternity jeans, as you may not want to reveal that stretchy elastic fabric part of the jeans.  The most common maternity styles are the over the belly stretch material (with an option to fold down) or under the belly.  Some maternity jeans have thin adjustible elastic bands on the inside of the waistband, that cinches the waistband; which, in my opinion, are quite uncomfortable and unreliable in terms of keeping your jeans from riding down.

Wear the right kind of tops.  You don’t  have to buy maternity tops!  As you may grow tired of always wearing a jacket or sweater over your maternity jeans, the simplest solution for this dilemma is to wear extra long, tunic-length or stretchy shirts, tanks, or camisoles underneath your outfit.  Look for shirts that may be appropriate for “tall” or “long torso” women.  Make sure the shirt hem is long enough, just past your hipbone or covers half of what would normally be your backpockets.  Many thin, “tissue tee” shirts work well as a layering piece.  The longer top creates a smoother, polished silhouette, and you don’t have to worry about tugging your shirt down all the time.

How to Wear Regular Jeans During Pregnancy
If you prefer not to purchase maternity jeans, you can still dig up your stretch, low-rise or ultra-low rise jeans and wear them through most of your pregnancy, or until it is no longer comfortable.  Low rise jeans have a looser waistband (because it is cut to the size of your lower hips) and sit at or below your hipbone, just below the belly.  This denim style can offer some temporary under-belly support and allow you to wear regular jeans longer.  At some point, you may want to purchase a belly support belt, which is usually a wide, elastic band that can be adjusted below your belly to support and lift the growing weight.  In addition, many women can “cheat” by wearing pre-existing jeans, unbuttoned, or extra big jeans and utilize the belly support belt to hold the jeans up.  If you decide to purchase regular jeans, consider buying stretch jeans that are slightly loose or low-rise, so you can grow into them.  Another alternative is the baggy, loose-fitting Boyfriend Jean.  The Boyfriend is in vogue and hotter than ever, thanks to celebrities like Katie Holmes, so you’ll be au courant during your pregnancy.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Don’t Treat Me Bad!

SUPERFINE 'Liberty' Skinny Blue Resin Jeans, available at Forward.

SUPERFINE 'Liberty' Skinny Blue Resin Jeans, available at Forward.

Ever since I saw the collection of treated, resin-baked jeans from brands like 7 for All Mankind, I was instantly whipped.  I knew I had to have ’em.  I knew that if I couldn’ t have ’em, then nobody can!  Ahem, well, I didn’t really get THAT obsessed, but boy did those leather-looking, rocker chic jeans stop me in my tracks.  Would I feel like a supermodel in ’em, or would I be more Joan Jett?  What about the guys’ version?  Even denim designers like Mik Serfontaine have been spotted sporting his own pair of well-loved coated Serfontaine Denim slimleg jeans.  He looks so rocker in ’em!

Hayden-Harnett Angelika Grey Leather Vest.

Hayden-Harnett Angelika Grey Leather Vest.

It also blew my mind to discover that the treated jeans didn’t come in just black.  Can you imagine walking into some night spot and heads turn.  “Are those leather pants?  Is it leatherette?  Is she with the band?”  In the other part of my fantasy, after partying the night away in my SUPERFINE Blue Resin Jeans, I head into a diner to grab some grub at 3 a.m.  As I slide effortlessly onto the banquette, I only worry about which Blue Plate Special to order, and whether I’d get mustard on my Hayden-Harnett Grey Angelika leather vest.  I’d spend the next hour working on a new song called, “Who Needs Boys When Denim Don’t Treat Me Bad?”  I need to work on a shorter title, I guess.

So here they are, a collection of coated, baked, treated jeans that I’ve stumbled upon recently.  How would you rock it?  Check it!


Featured in the slideshow:
7 FOR ALL MANKIND ‘Ginger’ Wideleg Jean, available at BlueFly.
7 FOR ALL MANKIND IDP ‘Roxanne” Skinny Jean, available at BlueFly.
SUPERFINE ‘Liberty’ Skinny Blue Resin, available at Forward.
GENETIC DENIM ‘Alex’ Treated Miniskirt, available at ShopBop.
ANLO ‘Brooke’ Treated Skinny Jean with zipper (in silver), available at ShopBop.
ANLO ‘Willa” Treated Skinny Jean, available at ShopBop.

Do you have a favorite treated jean not featured here?  Share It!

Kathy Ng Hassan

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