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From WSJ: The Relentless Rise of Power Jeans


French President Nicolas Sarkozy and French First Lady Carla Bruni. Photo: Wall Street Journal.

If you’re going to be the President of some country and be married to her — Carla Bruni — you better up your cool factor by wearing jeans. It’s not enough that she’s a former runway model, Rock Groupie and French chanteuse sensation with a worldwide following.  So what if you’re the President of the fifth largest economy in the world.  Are you cool and can you pull it off appropriately at heads of state functions?  The idea of jeans and coolness have been synonymous for 50 years now.  This is where the Squares cross over.  

From The Wall Street Journal:

When Dmitry Medvedev dined with the Obamas in July, the Russian president appeared both relaxed and powerful. He hit that elusive note by pairing his fine blazer, crisp buttoned shirt, and expensive-looking leather-soled shoes with dark, straight jeans.

Power jeans are increasingly common in high-ranking business and political circles. Indeed, jeans are now a legitimate part of the global power-dress lexicon, worn to influential confabs where the wearers want to signal they’re serious-but not fussy-and innovative.

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Thanks goes to my friend Alejandro, who tipped me off on this irresistible story.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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