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Finally… Jeans That Banish Saggy Pants Syndrome

It seems three brothers from New Jersey have had enough  of the saggy jeans trend so many young men favor in public today. The issue of saggy jeans causing internet uproars, new laws to be passed in select regions, and a nation-wide debate on whether this is publicly acceptable, was enough for them to use as fuel. Their denim line, Sagz, has built-in boxers that suspend the pants on the backside, preventing them from completely dropping  below the butt cheek. Clever, no? The idea is to maintain your street cred (ahem, “swag”) and keep your pants up as you’re doing your thing. IE: Visiting the Gap taco truck.

saggy jeans pants

Image via New York Times.

—DT Staff

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Posted Aug 05 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand
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