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Hilary Duff In Olive Green Skinny Jeans


A Moment Of Silence For This Denim Therapy Customer’s Crotch


Mister Freedom, Up Close & Well Worn

You don’t get much more Americana than a name like Mister Freedom, and just as expected from this classic-cool brand, their newest style, the Californian, boasts a 1950′s vintage reference that could turn you into a Rockabilly king in about as much time as it takes to pull on a pair of jeans. The cuffs, the patch on the back pocket, the badass cut… A must-have for the new year, gents! They retail for $249.95, which might hurt you wallet a little, but if you bypass those superfluous post-Xmas sales, you can justify it. Check out this delicious detail:




Call (323) 653-2014 or mail or to score yourself a pair. But step lively, supplies are limited!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Dec 22 2010 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Product
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