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Eco-Friendly Colored Skinny Jeans For Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Here at Denim Therapy we have a favorite way of paying homage to the earth: shopping for eco-friendly denim! With brands like Levi, Nudie Jeans Co. and M2F leading the industry in an inspiring switch towards more earth-loving production practices, you don’t have to search for long to find a pair you love. Today we’re zeroing in on REUSE Jeans—a brand that produces environmentally sound skinny jeans (among other wardrobe essentials) in vibrant pop colors like crayon red and jade green. Even better? These jeans are all under $100.


Shop colored skinny jeans by Reuse. Loving the earth just got a little more stylish!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Eco-Friendly Denim Roundup

Today’s denim tip of the day? Take care of the earth! Sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious fashion is all the rage these days. And this is one rising trend we can’t support enough. If you’re looking for a stylish pair of jeans that are manufactured to meet the standards of society’s collective eco-conscious effort (or you just want more information on who’s on this bandwagon), check out our round-up of eco-friendly denim brands below.

Pictured above, M2f light wash skinny jeans ($130) – buy it at Singer22.

Serfontaine + This LA-based denim brand that has sworn off chemicals used in the denim-distressing process, and instead use organic fruit enzymes and hand-administered abrasion techniques.

REUSE Jeans + An eco-conscious denim company that began using sustainable 80% recycled fabrics in spring 2010, and is now at the forefront of the battle against the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

James Jeans + A brand that proudly uses eco-friendly washes, handmade patterns, and couture draping techniques. They promote various ways to “go green” on their blog—check it out!

M2F + When you think eco-friendly, you might think earth tones & drab clothing… but M2F has changed the way we envision sustainable denim forever. Their line features vibrant, bright, gorgeous colors that you’ll look amazing in and feel good about wearing. Their manufacturing technology includes two major elements: Certified Chemical Free Made2Fade™ Yarn Technology and the Clear H20 Colors™ Earth Smart Dye Process. You can read more about those at their website, and be sure to read our Q&A with the brand.

7 For All Mankind + This wildly popular brand of denim doesn’t support the use of pesticides, and produces nearly 100% organic jeans (some styles contain a small percentage of spandex) in styles that make is really, really easy to be kinder to the planet.

Kuyichi + The ultimate in sustainable fashion, Kuyichi’s jeans are made using organic cotton and wool, hemp, linens, and techniques like recycled polyester, natural dyes, and vegetable tanning. This European company is rapidly expanding (and we can only hope they’ll brand stateside in the near future).

Green Edge Denim + A denim company with a beautiful mission, Greenedge aims to outfit and educate the younger generations (we’re talking kids & babies) in earth-friendly concepts from the very beginning, with certified organic cotton grown and sustainable treatment processes.

Nudie Jeans + Nudie was recently given an environmental award for their second hand denim collection—a system where customers buying jeans leave a pair of their old ones behind with to receive a discount (and some good karma). Those jeans are then recycled into a new pair for some other denim-loving customer to enjoy.

Aoki Denim + Aoki Denim is produced with raw organic cotton and strives to mesh the idea of aesthetically beautiful fashion with responsible production techniques.

Sling and Stones + The mission of Sling and Stones is simple: “to produce the most luxurious and best fitting jeans in the world, all while protecting the earth and loving its people.” They do so by using American-grown organic Supima cotton that results in virtually pesticide-free product.

Levi’s + Levi’s amazing Water<less denim campaign is saving both water and energy. While most jeans are washed in massive industrial washing machines, wasting an incredible amount of this precious resource, Water<less jeans are cutting down on the amount of water used in a big way. Read more about it here.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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REUSE Jeans Giveaway – Winner Announcement


First off, a huge thanks to REUSE Jeans for their generous offering of 12 pairs of jeans to our denim loving and eco-friendly readers!

And the twelve winners are (in no particular order)…

1. Carol Anderson Ezovski

2. Marlo Mindi

3. April C

4. @xriyah

5. Cristina W

6. @grumpy1970

7. Jules L

8. @JessaWorks

9. @Henhenmac

10. Nicole Feliciano

11. Deborah Curran

12. Claudia Varela

We will be contacting you shortly to get some details (size, desired style, address).  If for some reason you are a winner and are not contacted, please email me right away.

Thank you all for your submissions and enjoy your new jeans!

And… check back here on the Denim Therapy blog for the latest in the denim world.


— Kathy Ng Hassan


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ENTER TO WIN! Reuse Jeans Giveaway

REUSE Jeans Giveaway April 2010


ENTER TO WIN a pair of REUSE Jeans! 

In celebration of Earth Day, REUSE Jeans is generously giving away twelve (12) pairs of jeans! 


  1. FAN REUSE Jeans on Facebook.
  2. FOLLOW REUSE Jeans on Twitter.
  3. FOLLOW @Kathy_Writer on Twitter and TWEET to @Kathy_Writer:  I hope I win a pair of @ReuseJeans! #denimtherapy
  4. LEAVE A COMMENT (below) on what is your favorite style of REUSE Jeans.

*If you use multiple online IDs or User Names, please sign your entry with the same ID/User name where applicable.

Twelve (12) winners will be chosen at random to win one pair of jeans in the style of choice.

The winner will be announced on Denim Therapy on Friday, April 23.

Please note: prize is based on availability (sizes range from size 24 to 31 waist and are available in two lengths: 32″ or 35???).

Entries must be submitted by Thursday, April 22, 2010, 11:59 PM PST.

The winners will be announced on Friday, April 23, 2010 on Denim Therapy and via Twitter at @Kathy_Writer.

For more information on REUSE Jeans, visit their Web site.

Questions? Tweet me.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Insider: Recycle, Renew, REUSE Jeans


Remember last year when there was all the excitement about “green” jeans, organic denim, and the like?  All of that excitement, of course, preceded the October 2008 announcement of the U.S.’s official entry into the Recession.  As much as all the hype had died down, the “jeans with a conscience” movement had never stopped.  It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about an eco-denim company.  “Uniting ecology with technology,” REUSE JEANS recycles fabric from the textile waste stream to manufacture eco-friendly jeans with minimal new material.  All of the jeans from the new line cost below $100, which is, in itself, a respectable price to pay for “green” jeans, and it doesn’t insult the savvy consumer’s intelligence with out of proportion prices.

REUSE is recycling fabric from the textile waste stream and manufacturing eco-friendly jeans, shorts and skirts with 80% recycled cotton.  Preparing to launch its debut collection with what is believed the highest percentage of recycled denim in the industry, REUSE further enhances the strength of its line with 18.5% fresh cotton and 1.5% spandex for critical sustainability.

“We believe recycled denim reflects the future of our industry,” states George Powell, REUSE President and CEO. “Advanced technology that creates trendy and fashionable clothes and that respects the environment gives us no reason to continue flooding global landfills with textile waste.”

You can expect to find denim styles such as the classic 5-pocket and au courant skinny jeans, finished with special wash treatments and accentuated by handcrafted detailing and its signature touches.  Furthermore, REUSE selected DyStar’s eco-friendly dyes that avoid the use of harsh chemicals, so the finished product is truly “green.”

While many new denim companies are expecting to launch in 2010, and established companies are either rebooting or spinning off some collab or tributary line as we speak, it is evident that the denim industry is not retracting its fierce claws on the fashion world.  I’m just glad to see there is one more denim company that is thoughtfully trying to make a difference in the world.

Shop REUSE Jeans on Black Friday and save 20% when you enter TWITTERLOVE at check out.

Follow REUSE on Twitter


Kathy Ng Hassan

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