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3 Fresh Ways To Wear A Denim Dress


White Jeans After Labor Day? Try This Head-To-Toe Look


Denim Therapy Featured in Glamour


A New Way To Shop For Jeans

Denim heads, you’ll love this news. In an awesome effort to better connect denim lovers to quality denim retailers and resources, Heddels has launched a special section of their website called Scout Stores. Use it to track down brands, stores, and styles in your location.

From Heddels: “As part of our popular denim shopping tool, the Scout, Scout Stores is a simple, comprehensive denim retail directory currently holding nearly 400 stores from around the world. In just a matter of clicks, readers can search based on their country/city, favorite brand(s), and/or style, and instantly find the perfect store for them.”


Try it out here.

—DT Staff

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Posted Aug 26 2014 in Denim News

Three Things To Do With Your Jeans If They’re Beyond Repair

While Denim Therapy provides incredible expert denim repair services, sometimes jeans are worn to the bitter end. If it’s time to let your jeans go at last, Rawr Denim has a few ways you can retire them from your closet and send them off to the second half of their lifespan.


Check out the full article on Rawr Denim.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jun 12 2013 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Rawr Denim Features Denim Therapy’s Repair Shop

Big thanks to Rawr Denim for featuring Denim Therapy’s expert repair shop on their blog. Check out a teaser below and see the full post at Rawr Denim.

“In the few years since its inception, Denim Therapy has established itself as one of the premiere denim repair shops in the United States, if not the world. They have the uncanny ability to perform almost any alteration possible on a pair of jeans, from crotch blow-outs and hems to maternity inserts. Inside the shop jeans are stacked waiting to be received and appraised by the staff before being repaired by the two talented seamstresses Denim Therapy employs…”

denim-therapy-repair-review (1) copy

denim-therapy-repair-review (2) copy

denim-therapy-repair-review (3) copy

See the full post at Rawr Denim.

—DT Staff

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Posted Mar 04 2013 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
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