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Rad Hourani, the Canadian wunderkind who went from stylist to designer with high-speed impact on the fashion world in just a few short seasons.  I went to my first Hourani show last year at NY Fashion Week and was infectiously mesmerized by the androgynous collection that flowed so easily from man to woman and back.  It brought to mind the early days of designers Ann Demeulemeester and Helmet Lang, both of whom I am a huge fan of. A rich dark palette with his gorgeous signature draped jackets, second skin pants with intricate detailing, and little bursts of folded surprises.

Rad for Rad Hourani is a lower priced collection that features denim jeans and jackets, printed t-shirts, scarves, and vests that can be transformed just by the way you wear them.  That seems to be the ongoing theme of Rad Hourani in all of his collections, a non-conformist in constant transformation.  His pieces do not have a past, present or future as they are simply timeless.

Unisex Stretch DenimUnisex Stretch Denim2

Unisex Stretch Denim Pants/Jeans with Three Knee High Zippers, $380.00

Stand out in these edgy yet distinctively refined jeans.  Worth every penny!

Unisex Black Denim Jacket:Cardigan with extra long sleevesUnisex Black Denim Jacket:Cardigan with extra long sleeves2

Unisex Black Denim Jacket/Cardigan with Extra Long Sleeves (also available in White),  $390.00

How exquisite is this denim jacket?  A must have for anyone’s stylish wardrobe.

Unisex Scarf Black and White Stripes

Unisex Scarf Black and White Stripes Different Ways of Wearing it, $100.00

Hourani reinvents the typical scarf.  A statement piece for sure.

Shop Rad by Rad Hourani

–Nikki Cho Russo


Posted Mar 26 2010 in Denim News » Reviews: Brand
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