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Iris Apfel Thinks You Should Go To Jail For Wearing Jeggings

“Now when I walk down Fifth Avenue in the summertime I just want to throw up. It seems that the fatter and uglier people are, the fewer clothes they wear. The shorts and flip-flops and tight jeans on butts that go from here to Poughkeepsie.” She shudders. “I always say they should put people in jail for wearing clothes like that. Especially stretch jeans over size 10–they should be outlawed. Ten years ago people were starting to look like slobs in New York, now it’s an epidemic.” (Via Fashionista)

iris apfel hates jeggings

Be careful jeggings lovers! There’s no guarantee Iris won’t pay off the NYPD to do her bidding and throw all of you super-stretch faux-jeans wearers in the slammer.

—DT Staff

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Posted Oct 25 2011 in Denim News

Quote of the Day: Selena Gomez Hates Shopping For Jeans

Selena Gomez (AKA the better half of pop star Justin Bieber) had a thing or two to say about shopping for jeans (and we’re sure some of your can sympathize): “I have to be in the mood to go shopping. I can’t stand shopping for jeans—I hate having to try them on. But I can shop for shoes for days.”

… Sometimes we’re right there with ya, Selena.

Selena-Gomez denim shopping jeans style

—DT Staff

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Posted Sep 21 2011 in Denim Therapy

Quote of the Day: Justin Timberlake Regrets That Denim Suit

Apparently this guy doesn’t know he was channeling sex gods, but he openly admitted he regrets a lot of his style-decisions in the past, from corn rows in his pop-star days to the denim-on-denim suit he wore to the American Music Awards in 2011.

He commented:

God, I feel I’ve gone to therapy just to erase some of them. The cornrows I wore with ‘N Sync. That was pretty bad. Britney and I wore matching denim outfits [to the 2001 American Music Awards]. Yeah, another bad choice. I’d probably pay good money to get some of those pictures off the internet.”

Too late, rhinestone cowboy.

Quote from Fashionista via Playboy Magazine.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jun 16 2011 in Denim News
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