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When denimphiles, designers, and other industry professionals were asked why people love SEVEN jeans so much, I was pleasantly surprised to find honest, strong and very educational responses.  Here are thoughts about 7 FOR ALL MANKIND, from some “Denim Insiders” who know what they’re talking about!


Shari Hershon, Fashion Design Consultant. Featured: Spring 2008 denim portfolio.

Shari Hershon, Fashion Design Consultant
I love the fit! They seem to work well for me.  I also wear other brands, and when I look for jeans, I look at the wash and silhouette, and try them all on.  Whatever fills the bill and looks the most flattering, is the one I choose.
[Editor’s Note:  Shari is a former design executive and designer at Ann Taylor LOFT, A/X Armani Exchange and Calvin Klein Jeans, among others.] Click here for more about Shari Hershon.

avamariecarmichael-prospect-denimAva Marie Carmichael, Senior Designer, PROSPECT DENIM
I am a huge denim aficionado.  I own over 65 pairs of jeans from brands in every price point.  I have experimented with and have loved denim since 1986.  I have been creating, designing and re-designing denim now for over 5 years professionally.  I have seen beautiful denim brands come, and then go.  Why?  Lack of capital for marketing.  Lack of connections with celebrities endorsing the product.

Seven Jeans was the pioneer of premium denim, they have been able to maintain the lead in the arena because they were first.  However, there are tons of brands out there with a fit and wash as good, if not better, than Seven.  Take a look at Paige, J Brand, Brown Label, Citizens of Humanity, Chip & Pepper, People’s Liberation, and yes, even my own, Prospect. Click here for more about Prospect Denim.

There is definitely an art and a science involved in creating the perfect jean, however, jeans have become such a personal wardrobe item that there are a thousand different combinations of washes, fits, cuts, styles, colors, etc., that are as individual as each person’s needs.  It’s one of those items that MUST be tried on, must be personal.  What works for one person’s body will not work for anothers.  I am 5’5″, 114 lbs, and curvy.  I HATED my Seven Jeans.  I owned two and could not grow to love them.  I threw them out because they made me look totally frumpy.  The waist was gappy and my buttcrack peeked out, the pockets were placed too far apart and my @$$ looked larger than it really was.  A few seasons later I revisited Seven Jeans at Nordstrom thinking I had just been too hard on them before.  Nope.  Still hideous.

So there.  Seven Jeans, I don’t buy into the hype.  They are a multi-million dollar company who are just able to afford the creation of the hype.  Power to them!

Kathy Ng Hassan

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