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How many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet, ladies? If you’ve answered between 5-10 pairs we’d say you are spoiled- oh so luckily! But we’ve got it easy (except for the dressing room hassle); So many stores offer a variety of styles, fit, washes etc. Now let’s talk men- how many pairs do they own? Most likely less than you… So ladies, it’s time to make a change by giving your man a chance to check himself out in the mirror (he is doing the hard work and doesn’t he look so cute!).

Tagg is the new, super cool menswear boutique in Hell’s Kitchen, 720 Ninth Avenue, New York City. They carry brands from the most recognized designers such as Diesel and Jbrand. To the more hard to find and funky names such as Naked and Famous and Projek Raw.

If you sign up to be a Tagg Client you’ll receive a 10% discount towards your first purchase.

They say the surest way to your mans heart is through food but we say it’s through jean shopping (and who can’t use to lose a few pounds although, we know you’ll be loving him anyway.)

— Jackie Racer

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Posted Dec 02 2010 in Denim Menswear » Store Openings
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