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Closet Cleaning! Four Reasons To Ditch A Few Pairs Of Jeans

As you guys already know, we’re not really advocates of getting rid of jeans. In fact, we offer a huge range of reasons to keep ’em with our Denim Therapy expert repair and alterations services, because even if they tear, you lose weight, or they don’t fit quite right, there’s a way to fix them up and make them your favorite pair again. But if you’re like us, you have about 100 pairs of jeans floating around, and sometimes donating denim to make room for superior pairs is a good idea.


1. When they are covered in rhinestones and you used to love them in Junior high. Seriously, we’re proud of you for still being able to fit into them, but they’re covered in rhinestones and you’re not in Junior high anymore. We’re sure some 12-year-old girl would love to uncover them while treasure hunting at a local thrift store.

2. When they’re three sizes too small and you used to love them in Junior high. If you want to be confident and feel amazing in jeans, wearing the same ones you wore in days-gone-by (while that might make you feel “young” for a minute) is not the way to do it. Wearing jeans that fit your figure now will help you look proportionate and stylish in ways ill-fitting jeans cannot.

3. If the pocket placement makes your butt look too big/too small/ too awkward. There are a lot of things you can modify when it comes to denim, but pocket placement is a crucial aspect of whether or not your butt looks good in jeans. Your denim collection should reflect trial and error pocket placement according to the unique shape of your bum.

4. If you have more than six pairs of the same cut/style/wash. We can sympathize here, as denim-lovers ourselves, but sometimes the extra closet space to branch out in your denim wardrobe is more valuable than owning a hundred of the same pair. The beauty of jeans is that they can be worn over and over without daily washing, so having a back-up arsenal of verbatim styles is not necessary. Why not explore some new cuts and colors in jeans instead?


We hope that helps. Be sure to check out 7 ways to make your butt look better in jeans and five reasons Denim Therapy should fix your jeans today, too.

Ready to donate? Find a local Salvation Army near you!

—DT Staff

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Posted Nov 22 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Which Jean Pockets Are Right For You? 7 Tips To Make Your Butt Look Better

Jean shopping for fall? It’s time, isn’t it? But there’s the unending dilemma of finding jeans that fit, and that’s enough to deter some of us all together. Hark, Denim Therapy is here to assist! We can knock one element of the denim fit dilemma out the window so you can enjoy some autumnal retail bliss. Consider the following seven pointers when shopping for jeans if you’re worried about your back end (and really, who isn’t?):


1. Smaller pockets will make your butt look bigger.

2. Pockets angled outward will make your butt look wider.

3. Pockets angled too far inward are awkward looking, and morph the shape of your butt.

4. When the outer edge of the pocket reaches just below the side belt loop, and the pockets measure about 5 1/2 to 6″ in length, that’s a good standard for medium-sized women. (IE: Size 28-32)

5. Put them on and look at them! If you feel like the pockets are too tiny, they probably are.

6. Slightly oversized pockets can create a slimming effect. Double points for pockets with a wide flip closure on top.

7. Slight texture, like a stitched or embossed logo, can create interest that does not create a plumping effect, while too much texture is sure to make your butt look bigger.


Curious about the denim pictured above? They’re Frankie B. Jeans Studio Slim Bootcut Jean in Retro Blue. Buy ’em here.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Sep 20 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips
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