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Oki-ni Sale: Up to 65% off – Margiela, McQueen, and much much more!

Gentleman, one-stop shopping at oki-ni to kick start 2010 with some dazzling designer pieces to elevate your wardrobe at more affordable prices.

Every man needs a little avant garde minimalism added to his repetoire to inject some mystery and artful panache to set him apart from the crowd.  Let’s start off with some denim jeans from vintage Levi’s to progressively hip paint-treated Martin Margiela’s to kick things up a notch!

(from left to right)

Levi’s Vintage 1954 501-Z, now $121.36, originally $241.11

Martin Margiela Regular Trousers, now $178.00, originally $354.39 – a trouser jean in a light indigo denim.

Martin Margiela Regular Painted Jeans, now $255.58, originally $509.74 – a white painted wax coating with the cracked effect.

Martin Margiela Cotton Jeans, now $145.64, originally $289.66 – maroon twill corduroy for a splash of color.

Alexander McQueen Button Fly 11 oz Stretch Jeans, now $199.04, originally $396.47 – slim cut washed black denim.

Levi's vintage 1954 501 ZMartin Margiela Regular TrousersMartin Margiela Reg Painted PantsMartin Margiela Cotton JeanAlexander McQueen Botton Fly Jean

Gorgeous jackets and coats are always a great investment:

(from left to right)

Alexander McQueen Mohair Peacoat with Shearling, now $684.51, originally $1367.41 – burgundy mohair mix double breast coat with an ultra soft shearling collar and shearling trimmed pockets.

Satyenkumar Panel Tailored Jacket, now $336.59, originally $671.56 – skinny cord single breast blazer in navy with a black centre stipre fron and back with black corduro collar.

Martin Margiela Replica Coat now $801.02, originally $1600.43 – amazing double breasted long length coat in a cream wool and alpaca mix. This is part of Margiela??™s esteemed Replica collection of new garments inspired by vintage pieces.

Nom De Guerre Woolen Blazer, now $356.01, originally $710.40 – slim cut single breasted jacket.

Alexander McQueen PeacoatSatyenkumar Panel Tailored JacketMargiela Replica CoatNom De Guerre Wollen Blazer

Fabulous footwear are a must to complete any outfit:

(from left to right)

Martin Margiela Ankle Boot now $417.50, originally $833.39 – simple tan ankle boot in a treated leather.

Martin Margiela Brushed effect shoe, now $315.55 originally $629.49 – soft simple shoe in treated grey calf leather.

Mr. Hare Wolfe Oxford Shoe, now $275.10, originally $538.58 – simple black oxfords, a must have staple for every man’s wardrobe.

Shop the sale at

Martin Margiela Ankle BootMartin Margiela Brushed Effect ShoeMr. Hare Wolfe

–Nikki Cho Russo

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End of Season Denim Sale at Oki-Ni – 40% Off!

Check out oki-ni’s denim sale and use discount code ‘SEASONEND’ at the checkout (enter under ‘additional services’) to get 40% off everything in this category!


Go Shopping!

–Nikki Cho Russo


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Denim for Dudes: Chronicles of Never

Chronicles of Never is the label founded by Gareth Moody, formerly one of the founding members of Tsubi, now Ksubi.  He branched off to go solo in 2005 to launch Chronicles of Never, a minimalist and androgynous collection comprised of apparel, footwear and accessories.

The Cubism Jean is the answer to the slouchy skinny for men.  A five pocket jean, simple and free of embellishments in a light weight denim. Gentlemen, rock these jeans with a Chronicle’s buttery soft 2nd Skin Leather Jacket and kick-ass Stab in the Dark Boots and you will be so bad-ass stylin’!



Cubism Jeans


Cubism Jean back view


Wax Jeans

Cubism Wax Jeans

Cubism Wax Jean back view

Cubism Wax Jean back view

























Cubism Jean in Washed out Dark Grey Skinny, $365.67 and Cubism Jean in Lightly Waxed Black Skinny, $316.92.


2nd Skin Leather Jacket, $1607.36

Supple washed leather jacket in a loose, unstructured cut. Jacket doesn??™t fasten and edges are left raw for an organic, simple silhouette.



Stab in the Dark Boot, $349.42

Paneled black leather ankle boot with a wide ankle and an upward curving toe. Soled in leather, these will age magnificently.

Buy Chronicles of Never at oki-ni



–Nikki Cho Russo





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Oki-Ni Sale up to 70% Off

A message from our friends at oki-ni for their blow-out sale on some fantastic brands:




To clear room for some of the amazing autumn/winter pieces that are winging their way to us from all corners of the globe??¦we??™ve decided the time has come for our sale??™s final mark down.

We think there are still some genuine bargains to be had, and from some of our most loved brands too. In particular there are some pieces of timeless Alexander McQueen and Jil Sander tailoring, some fantastic Folk knitwear, iconic footwear from Adidas, Vans and Diadora and some essential casual wear from YMC and Haversack. All are classics in the making and all up to 70% off.

Get on it.

The oki-ni team

Go Shopping!


–Nikki Cho Russo

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oki-ni 30-70% off: code THANKS15 to receive add’l 15% discount off

oki-ni is please to offer you a further 15% off sale items until midnight on Thursday – 09/07/09.

Simply enter the code THANKS15 and you will receive an extra 155 OFF YOUR SALE ITEMS.




–Nikki Cho Russo


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oki-ni: The Technical Denim Guide

A newsletter from oki-ni: The Technical Denim Guide

After weeks of research and trawling through endless sources of denim related information we are very happy to bring you the first installment of our ‘tech-ni-cal’ section in the form of a comprehensive guide to denim.

Denim and jeans in particular are an endless source of fascination. They have a cult like status that transcends all economic classes and have successfully survived every fashion trend since the first recorded use of Serge De Nimes in 1600s. Denim is an integral part of our product mix. We wanted to create an unpretentious, humble space to pool information on the anatomy, production, care and history of one of fashion’s most complex and historical fabrics. In the process we have learnt a lot, we have taught some people a few things and have quite frankly gained a little bit of an obsession with this blue cloth…

We hope that this answers a few of your questions and proves to be an interesting tool for all you denim aficionados as well as those of you that just want to know how much your dry denim will shrink in the wash.


The oki-ni team

Maison Martin Margiela spring/summer collection
tech -ni-cal

oki-ni proudly present our tech-ni-cal guide through everything denim; from the anatomy of a jeanfinishes and washescare guidethe complete history of denimimportant mills and laundries and an a-z of denim related information…

get technical here

  Levis Vintage clothing spring/summer collection now available on


Wrath and Dust    

Introduced to keep the history of Levi’s denim alive by creating exact reproductions of original jeanswear from their San Fransico archives. These authentic replicas are made with historic quality selvage denim from original looms, with non denim pieces are exact sourced reproductions. The ss09 collection, ‘Wrath and Dust’ is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of America’s Dust Bowl migrants.

see more


Lazy-S Evisu’s    

The Evisu Heritage collection is at the roots of the brand. A super premium denim line following the original Japanese collection and focusing primarily on unwashed selvage denim. The collection evolves each season with the introduction of new fabric developments and fits. Look out for the New Vintage Jean – pictured left – an incredibly rare combination of both left and right hand twill in one garment.

view the collection

  Atelier La Durance

Atelier La Durance    

Established in 2002, Atelier La Durance is a small scale, independent French denim label producing top crafted denim. Capitalising on quality instead of quantity, they offer only unwashed denim products of striking craftsmanship..

see more



Lee Originals collection featuring left-hand twill denim and authentic detailing
Lee Originals    

Produced in Japan,the authenticity of Lee Originals is guaranteed. Rediscovering the tradition and heritage of the brand, the same sewing, cutting and weaving machines as in the 30s, 40s and 50s have been used. All the hallmarks of Lee jeans are evident; cross tacks, hair-on-hide patches, doughnut buttons, Union Worker labels, and Lazy S pocket details to name a few.

see the collection her


Levis Red denim collection for spring/summer now available on
Levi’s RED    

Created in 1999 to challenge the blueprint of denim design, Levi’s RED is on a constant quest to challenge the perceptions of jeanswear. The label reinterpreting the design features of classics jeans to push the boundaries of contemporary denim aesthetics to their limit. The working uniform of the Amish community is the inspiration from the ss09 collection …

see more …

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Boy Oh Boy: Kato Jeans and Kustom Kicks!

Let’s close our eyes and  just forget, for a minute, that businesses are collapsing, real estate values are plummeting, jobs are vanishing and think happy thoughts of luxe denim jeans, custom made sneakers and having the extra cash to refresh your spring wardrobe.  Can you see it?  Ah, exhale and give me a nice “ohm”.  


Kato Cinch Back Jeans

Kato jeans are in the house, of oki-ni, that is.  These meticulously made denim jeans are revered by the most discerning denim aficionados and available at oki-ni.  Not only are jeans available, but great shirts and jackets are in the collection.  Denim jackets make a come back this spring, check out Kato’s version! 


Kato Denim Jacket

Now if you are a sneaker freaker, boy, do I have a great one for you! Get yourself a pair or two or three of customized kicks at Yoa Kustom Shoes.  Be a proud owner of one-of-a-kind kicks!  You can either send them your own sneakers or have them purchase them for you.  Every pair comes with an illustration and certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that you have a one-of-a-kind pair that will not be duplicated.  Stand out of the crowd, be yourself, get Yoa Kustomized!


"D (EYE) No-Mite"

Yoa Kustom "Alice N Wunderland"

"Alice N Wunderland"










Buy Kato Now!

Buy Yoa Kustomize Now!

–Nikki Cho Russo

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oki-ni: Levis Vintage, Simon Miller and Nom de Guerre Online Now!

We have a bit of a denim spectacular this week with the long awaited launch of the ‘Wrath and Dust’ themed Levi’s Vintage Clothing collection and the addition of a new name to our fast flourishing brand list in Simon Miller Jeans.

Levi’s brings us some classic 501 styles in rigid denim with all original detailing and washes with names like ‘Barren Land’, ‘Rootless’ and ‘Roadside’ to represent the struggles of the Dust Bowl migrants. There is some really top quality shirting on offer this season too and it comes beautifully presented in ‘Sun Set’ boxes.

Simon Miller is top quality, clean denim sourced from Japan and made in the US. Scrutinised at length by the guys in the office and hardly a speck of branding could be found on these jeans- they have been hailed as ‘the best quality, most understated’ denim style around.

Nom de Guerre has arrived! We’ve had our first delivery including some new styles to the ones that were available on pre-order. This will shift fast so snap it up immediately!

The oki-ni team

levisOriginally designed as workwear and adopted by farmers and gold prospectors, Levi’s jeans were built to last. The USA was already in the grip of The Great Depression during the mid 1930s, when severe drought caused thousands of people to migrate south from The Great Plains to California. The Dust Bowl catastrophe or the ‘Dirty Thirties’ turned the sky black as hundreds of acres of fertile land was blown to dust.

With their lives in the balance, fashion was not high on the list of priorities. Dark or light shades of denim; worn-in or worn-out – it didn’t matter. Adopting a make-do-and-mend attitude these true survivors dressed in the best they could; waste not, want not- the smallest item had value.

The Spring/Summer 2008 Levi’s Vintage Clothing collection is called ‘Wrath and Dust’. It is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of the Dust Bowl migrants. Hard-wearing products such as Levi’s jeans were vital friends in a time when the smallest thing could make a difference.
















Simon Miller Jeans was established in 2006 in L.A. The company aims to make the highest quality denim jeans with pride and integrity in the USA. All Simon Miller denim is the highest quality sourced from Japan. While many companies claim this, we can truly state that our denim is the best available in the world, mixing selvedge and non-selvedge finishes throughout the collection

All the production, sewing and washing of Simon Miller Jeans is done domestically in the USA in downtown Los Angeles. All rivets and domes are sourced through YKK USA.

Simon Miller Jeans will always be proudly MADE IN THE USA, and wherever possible they aim to support the domestic economy.














Nom de Guerre is a New York based creative collective who combine basic and diverse influences from art, fashion and various New York City subcultures to create their product.

This ‘Storm and Stress’ collection combines history and myth to produce an expression of extremes within the parameters of military ideologies and references. The resulting look is a uniform proposal of a conceptual regiment of boys. The palatte is light blues and greys, colours mimicking the horizon line. These base colours are set off by midnight blue and white – elemental colours of regimental dress clothing.

Outerwear is storm resisitant – made from DM-3 Gore-Tex, pants are made from rugges denim and woven cottons, fine shirting cotton is a staple of the collection and is a washed oxford in utilitarian styles reminiscent of jungle uniforms.




To view all three collections, go to 

Free shipping on all orders placed before midnight on Sunday 22nd Feb – type this code in at the checkout: POSTMAN




–Nikki Cho Russo

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