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Gamine Workwear: Raw Denim and Workwear for Women


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Gamine Workwear: Raw Denim and Workwear for Women

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Female denim-heads rejoice! The answer to your prayers is here. At long last a raw denim jean made by women for women. Gamine Workwear is a New England based company who specializes in no-nonsense workwear that is utilitarian yet easy on the eyes and most importantly on the body. The line is designed by Taylor Johnston, Manager of the Gardens and Greenhouses at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. Johnston sums up the company’s values best herself-

Gamine is an exploration of femininity and worn character […] as Yankee gardeners and geologists ourselves– we aim to tread lightly by creating products that support sustainable manufacturing and the lost art of mending. We choose to work with textiles that are selected with great consideration for their ruggedness and ability to highlight the work and story of the worker. “

Gamine’s updated line of slim slouch dungarees now feature three different fits. The straight silhouette, a demi silhouette for more area in the hips and a bold fit for hourglass silhouettes designed with a roomier bum and waist area. The new line goes on pre-sale Tuesday March 1st on their website.

gamine car

Gamine also offers repair services including darning, boro, and Sashiko for merchandise bought from their shop to extend the life of your favorite pieces.

Gamine back cinch

gamine selvedge

Gamine has a variety of other products in their shop made and sourced with the same focus on local design and a sustainable and transparent production process. Pictured below is the hand-dyed indigo hemp tee who’s claim to fame is being one of the most rugged teeshirts on the market. They also have a handful of vintage overalls.


gamine cotton tee big mac overalls
All photos credited to Gamine.

Emily B. McIntosh

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Nudie Jeans Gets Ancient: The Limited Edition ‘Woad/Guado’ Collection

Nudie Jeans‘  limited edition ‘Woad/Guado’ collection hits Nudie Jeans House LA and Atrium NYC Friday. The exclusive 100% organic 6-piece line dyed from the ancient ‘Woad’ plant is available exclusively at Nudie Jeans House, Los Angeles and Atrium NYC. Only 700 pieces will be made available. The color is absolutely freaking gorgeous. nudie-jeans-woad-1 nudie-jeans-organic-exclusive-3

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Extended information on the dye process:

Woad, or more commonly known as “Dyer’s Woad”, is a flowering plant with a cabbage like appearance, and has been cultivated since ancient times to produce blue dye. The green leaves can be harvested six times in a year, but it is only the first year the leaves can be used for dying.

The dye extraction process is extremely labor intense, with 1000 kilos of leaves producing only 1 kilo of blue dyestuff. The development of dye involves extracting the pigment from the leaves which leaves a green liquid. Reducing the green liquid forms a blue sludge, which is then in turn dried resulting in rock hard lumps of intense blue dyestuff.

To turn the hard dyestuff to dye, it is dissolved in a mixture of soda and water. Each garment is then slowly lowered into the dye bath and left to work its magic, timing depends on the thickness of the fabric. Nudie Jeans acquiredall the dyestuff an Italian Guado farm could produce in a year to dye the entire ‘Woad/Guado’ collection.”

The collection includes a Grim Tim jean style, High Khaki, Chambray shirt, Jacket, long-sleeved Henley and short-sleeved tee-shirt, all in the signature blue shade. Each garment is uniquely customized with a ‘Woad/Guado’ stamp and individually numbered from 1-700. The ‘Woad/Guado’ line is available exclusively instore this Friday at Nudie Jeans House, 710 N. Edinburgh Ave, Los Angeles, and Atrium NYC, 644 Broadway, New York.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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