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Things we love: Hipsters, Brooklyn and Denim. MTV hits the jackpot with I Just want my Pants back TV series

NYC, college students, parties, random hookups and a pair of missing jeans, come full circle in MTV’s new original series I just want my pants back, a television remake of David J Rosen’s (who also happens to be the show’s producer) famous novel. The show follows Jason Strider a 20 something yr old college graduate who has an unexpected one night stand with Annie, who then borrows his jeans in a rush and only to never return them. Annie’s contact information turns out to be erroneous, leaving Jason with no apparent way to find her. Thus leading to the seemingly never-ending quest for Jason’s jeans and so to speak, himself along the way.  Set in Greenpoint Brooklyn, this comical and quite amusing, coming of age series, makes our relationship with our denim just that much stronger. (Who would have thought all that conviction and love would go into getting our favorite pair of jeans back?) Full season episodes are set to start this coming January, we’ll be watching, will you? Check out a sneak preview below.

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Posted Aug 30 2011 in Denim News

G by GUESS: Love Is Louder For Valentine’s Day


Looking for fun ways to spread the love before Valentine’s Day and help raise awareness on worthy issues?  For every e-card you send at G by GUESS, G by GUESS has pledged to donate $5 to Love is Louder, a foundation set up “to inspire those who have ever been mistreated and discouraged that love and support, actually is, louder and significantly more powerful.  Started by actress Brittany Snow, MTV and The Jed Foundation, this campaign is an effort to prevent emotional stress among teens and young adults.  The Jed Foundation and Love is Louder work together to create awareness for anyone dealing with issues centering around depression or other emotional issues, educate communities on emotional disorders, and create a line of support for those who have ever contemplated taking their own lives.”  Love is Louder was launched in September 2010 to amplify the online support after the series of bullying-related suicides.  The six Valentine’s Day e-cards can be found on and will be available online through February 14.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Feb 11 2011 in Denim News
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