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1. Brooklyn Denim Co. is having a store-wide sale right now on select items at 50% off.

2. When we saw these mini-jeans from Momotaro, it was a unanimous “aaaaw” reaction.

3. Take an exclusive trip to the Mr. Porter Office with A Continuous Lean as they ponder whether the world is ready for specialized men’s online shopping outlets.

4. In the mood for some preppy fashion, dudes? The GANT Rugger “Nouveau Prep” SS’12  menswear Campaign is being accused of trying too hard, but we think it delivers the brand’s DNA pretty directly.

5. Denim endures! We love seeing denim artifacts from the 1800’s that, with a bit of washing and Denim Therapy, could probably be worn again!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Feb 02 2012 in Denim News

Denim Brand: Momotaro Jeans


pic11The origins of Momotaro Jeans trace back to Kojima, Okayama where the Japanese, who always strive for perfection in everything that they do, painstakingly craft denim in its truest form. Using low-fi techniques of old school artisan roots, Momotaro Jeans are fashioned using only the best Zimbabwe cotton fibers, natural indigo-dyes, intricate weaving and attention to detail that will make the most devout denimphile well up in tears.


The collection of Momotaro Jeans consist of four different labels:

Momotaro Jeans Gold Label

gold-labelOnly the creme de la creme of materials and old school techniques of artisans are used for the Gold Label. The main material is the “MOMOTARO” original, which is dyed by natural indigo in their own dyeing factory and weaved by a hand weaving loom, only two exist in the world. Momotaro prepares the indigo dying from fermentation with the help of Sake (rice wine). Zimbabwe cotton yarn is dyed by hand and then weaved into denim by hand-weaving looms, of which only 1 meter can be produced per day.  This model has a beautiful blue hue, which is only deliverd by natural indigo and rustic taste with sterling silver buttons and a patch of “JAPANESE SASHIKO” natural indigo dyed with hand stitches. And to finish the process, all Momotaro jeans are one washed by Marin essence, same as “SETO-SEA” water, with enough minerals to lock in the natural dyes.


Momotaro Jeans Copper Label

copper-labelRough and tumble tough skins created to mirror denim of the good ole days. This model has stitches with a peach image on the right back pocket. Luxuriously using natural real indigo for pockets, the jeans have a sleek design of an inside back yoke. 








Momotaro Going to War Label

war-labelWhite lines, a symbol of Japanese tradition, are on the back pocket. It is called the “Darkest Indigo Blue Denim”, but it still keeps the un-dyed core part of the yarn. So you can enjoy a hard and deep shade abrasion in the fabric.  








Momotaro Vintage Label 

vintage-labelLoom-state (un-shrunk resistant finish) denim is used for the Vintage label. This VINTAGE series is sewn by O’s yarn (thickest), with no decorations on the back pockets. This model is a genuinely solid Momotaro jean. Dyed by only the Darkest Indigo blue. 

Shop Momotaro Jeans





–Nikki Cho Russo


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