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Achieve Denim Wardrobe Clarification!

Not sure what to buy this season? Is your closet a mess? Clos-ette clues us in on how to keep your clothes in check so you can achieve what they call “wardrobe clarification”—crucial for establishing and maintaining your personal style (and budget).

“Merchandising your closet and denim pieces, similar to a store or showroom, is the the best way to achieve a complete wardrobe clarification. Categorizing denim (clothes) by color, or into separates, evening, day, accessories and so on is also a great way for you to really start to “see” the contents of your wardrobe.” Via Clos-ette.


Image via The Coveteur.
—Jackie Racer & Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Aug 02 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips
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