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Gentlemen (and ladies who love to wear their man’s shirts), listen up. Your ticket to a stylish fall season lies in your ability to resist dark colors in the face of cooler weather, and stick to something with a little bit of spring. Enter Chadburry, Swedish brand and maker of high quality, hue-rich, beautifully tailored men’s shirting. They value character, self-expression, and meticulous selection of notions to punctuate each piece—think contour¬†stitching, mismatched button colors, and contrast cuffs. That means when you whip off your black suit jacket on your best friend’s wedding dance floor this winter, you’ll be packing a stylish¬†surprise¬†underneath. They also make light jackets in sleek fits (a perfect balance to the playful color palettes and check fabrics). If this sounds like the ideal addition to your wardrobe this fall, scroll down and see what the fuss is about!

chadburry-swedish-menswear-shirt-tailored-project-show (2)

chadburry-swedish-menswear-shirt-tailored-project-show (2)


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jul 19 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Reviews: Brand
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