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6 Winter Accessories For Men

Hey dudes: are you still facing the bitter cold in that tattered up hat you got as a holiday gift years and years ago? We get it: you don’t reach for your winter hats and gloves until the weather report stops you in your tracks as you’re running out the door to work in the morning, but it may be time to up your game and refresh your inventory. We’ve selected 6 perfect picks to keep you warm until spring.

1. Bellfield Buffy Scarf 2. Bobble Beanie With Cable In Nep Yarn 3. Touchscreen Glove With Snowflake Fairisle



4. Trilby Hat in Gray Wool 5. Fred Perry iPhone 5 Case 6. Glen Lossie Lambswool Scarf



—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jan 09 2014 in Denim Buys

Coral Garrett: A Jeans Jacket Exposed to the Elements

Spanish Designer Coral Garrett is a fashionisto (check him out on Lookbook!) and a denim enthusiast.  In his current collection in development, “The Big North Chapter,” Garrett has amassed a collection of vintage denim jackets in which he hand finishes, dyes, pattern change and applies leather pieces on strategic positions. Talk about denim DIY! In this video, Garrett shows how he exposed a denim jacket to the elements (it took three months to complete), which involved tying up his jeans jacket high up in a forest.  We see his reserved excitement as he unhoists his weathered denim jacket and packs it quickly yet carefully, like a hunter who has secured his prey and is eager to take it home for a fine feast.  

When Denim Therapy was first introduced to him, he was a mens accessories designer (man bags, clutches and folios). We are happy he’s expanded his repertoire into the realm of denim. What are you willing to do to yield custom faded denim? For more information, go to Coral Garrett online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan



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Posted Oct 25 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear

Dapper Denim Advice From Fine and Dandy Shop’s Matt Fox

Does denim and Dandy go together?  Matt Fox of Fine and Dandy Shop thinks so!  We spotted the company’s oldie but goodie lookbook from 2009, which features several dapper ensembles styled with denim from Zara.  Denim Therapy was pleasantly surprised to see so many denim looks, which is telling that jeans and denim shirts have a place in the dapper man’s closet.  We asked Matt (aka “The Shopkeeper”) to share a few thoughts on how to be dapper in denim.

Matt Fox of Manhattan's Fine and Dandy Shop.[nggallery id=491]

When you do wear jeans, are there styles, types of denim or brands you prefer?
I love the mix of formal and less formal so a favorite pair of jeans, oxford shirt, and bow tie is a typical everyday outfit for me.  I’m not really brand driven, it’s more about fit.  Fitted but definitely not too skinny.

What is the longest you’ve worn a pair of jeans without washing?
Oh, it’s kind of embarrassing.  I hate washing jeans so I don’t until either 1) they’re dirty or stained or 2) they start to smell.

Do you have a ritual in terms of how to fold or store your clothes or jeans?
I have a pretty amazing walk-in closet (amazing in size considering I live in Manhattan).  A few times a year I go through and refold and organize everything. And then it slowly goes down hill from there and my organization slides.

We know your grandfather was a great style inspiration, but who do you think today has great personal style?
Honestly I find a lot inspiration living in New York City seeing guys on the street, on the subway, in restaurants, etc.  Guys in NYC have amazing style!

What do you think is lacking in menswear these days?
More affordable sizing options.  I hear from a lot of guys who struggle finding clothes that fit at affordable prices.

Do you have any personal style or grooming tips you want to share?
Take the time each day to put yourself together and put your best foot forward.  Remember, your appearance is the biggest part of your first impression. And push your limits and take risks with what your wear—mix up patterns and colors, etc.  And have fun with it.  It’s just clothes!

Any tips on great pieces to wear with jeans right now or this fall?
As mentioned earlier, I’m all about mixing high and low, formal with informal.  So a pair of jeans with a button down shirt, a blazer, pocket square, and bow tie… perfection!

What is next for Fine and Dandy?
We’re furiously getting our Fall/Winter collection ready to put up on our Web site.  Also, this past year we began to do pop-up shops and had amazing results.  So we want to do more of that with an eventual goal of a permanent retail space. Oh, and we had our first wholesale deal this year with the Japanese brand United Arrows.

Men have fashion emergencies, too.  If you’re in Manhattan, Matt will personally deliver your men’s accessories order to your front door, thanks to Dandy 911, a super nifty service of Fine and Dandy Shop.  The 2009 Lookbook was shot by Patrick Roxas for Fine and Dandy Shop.  For more images and information, go to Fine and Dandy Shop online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Posted Aug 15 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear

6 Men’s Denim Accessories We Love

We thought we’d take this opportunity to focus on denim accessories that adds a little bit of oomph to our everyday lives.  Without being too over the top, these practical little denim accents—from pocket squares to computer cases—provides a hint of luxury for the man who is attuned to the finer things in life.

1. So you’ve got the deconstructed blazer and the coveted raw selvedge jeans.  Throw in this sartorial pocket square and you’ll be stylin’ in seconds.  Topman Blue Denim Dot Pocket Square ($20) – buy it at Topman.

2.  When a silk tie just doesn’t make sense with your bleed-on-everything raw jeans, go all the way with this retro-inspired tie.  G-Star Correct Line Denim Tie ($60.96) – buy it at ASOS.

3-4.  We know that you’re committed to your technology, so protect your loved ones with only the best materials: these sleeves are made from heavy-duty 13.5oz White Oak raw selvedge Cone Denim.  MS&Co iPad and iPhone Raw Selvedge Denim Sleeves ($65) – buy it at MS&Co.

5.  Nobody you know has one—yet.  ‘Nuff said.  Railcar Fine Goods Selvedge Key Lanyard ($19) – buy it at Railcar Fine Goods.

6.  We like to say this laptop case feels soft to the touch and speaks to your love of denim; but, heck, we know it’s a trophy item.  Acne Einstein Denim Laptop Case ($230) – buy it at Acne.

—Kathy Ng Hassan



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Posted Apr 13 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear
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