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NP Releases Denim-Friendly Makeup Palette

If you’ve been around for a minute or two, you know we love makeup that looks like denim, makeup that compliments denim, and any cosmetics that attempt to immitate denim, But now there’s a new palette of cosmetic bliss to indulge in—one that promises a perfect union between itself and your jeans, as well as a seamless transition from day to night (with the help of the manual included). Prepare to be saturated by hues like “vivacious violets and statement tangerine”, with a roundup of 5 eye shadows, 3 lip glosses, one blush, applicators, and more. This gem rings in at just over $30, so it fits snugly in your makeup budget.

Now you’ll have something appropriate to wear with your denim textured nails! And you thought that’d never happen. The NP Denim Makeup Set ($30.79) is available at

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Apr 05 2011 in Denim Buys » Reviews: Product

My Lips Are Sealed


Poppy King, the creative genius behind the brand, has a wide range of lipsticks and glosses to suit everyone especially with her newest creation, Jean Queen lipstick in Denim Pink and Lip gloss in Denim Pink.

You may not necessarily need a lip color to go with your denim but come Spring/Summer you will definitely need some kind of pink in your way too blue wardrobe. Because lipstick or lipgloss is just like putting on your jeans- you absolutely don’t go anywhere without it.

You can visit the site for more information and to make your purchases but here is a little bit of what they say:

“The Ultimate lip color to wear with jeans! Jean Queen is a lovingly created special pink that offsets the blue in the denim and lights up your whole face at the same time. Special emollients and moisturizing ingredients provide a super silky feel on the lips and just the right amount of shine to contrast with the very matte nature of denim. The lipstick is super sheer and glides on for that pouty stain look.”

Don’t you just have to have it? Yessssss.

It’s pure JEANIOUS! Hail to the (Poppy) King and the (lipstick) Queen.

— Jackie Racer

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Posted Jan 01 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Product
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