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NP Releases Denim-Friendly Makeup Palette

If you’ve been around for a minute or two, you know we love makeup that looks like denim, makeup that compliments denim, and any cosmetics that attempt to immitate denim, But now there’s a new palette of cosmetic bliss to indulge in—one that promises a perfect union between itself and your jeans, as well as a seamless transition from day to night (with the help of the manual included). Prepare to be saturated by hues like “vivacious violets and statement tangerine”, with a roundup of 5 eye shadows, 3 lip glosses, one blush, applicators, and more. This gem rings in at just over $30, so it fits snugly in your makeup budget.

Now you’ll have something appropriate to wear with your denim textured nails! And you thought that’d never happen. The NP Denim Makeup Set ($30.79) is available at

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Apr 05 2011 in Denim Buys » Reviews: Product
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