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What’s Cooler Than Jeans Distressed By Lions? Um, Nothing.

Leave it to Japan’s denim masters to come up with a massively inventive, super cool new way to get your jeans distressed. Throw ’em in the lion’s den! Sound extreme? Kamine Zoo in Japan let the wildlife do their thing with jeans this summer. Whatever was left of the denim was sewn together into new pairs (because let’s face it, these wild cats are not just strategically distressing the knees). This was all part of a fundraising effort to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation and the zoo itself. Cool, huh?



See the finished jeans below:




Of course, you’re welcome to go toss your jeans in with the animals at the local zoo. Just don’t expect anyone else to go fetch them for you.

See the full story here and more photos of the distressing process here.

—DT Staff

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Posted Aug 25 2014 in Campaigns » Denim News

Men’s Raw Denim: Samurai Jeans Kakishibu-Dyed 24 Oz.

We’ve been oogling over the Samurai Jeans Kakishibu-Dyed 24 Oz. S5000KA that just hit the market—an incredible rose-hued jean with a unique dye process. Rawr Denim explains, “For this special denim, Samurai Jeans used an original 24 Oz. denim that has been hand-dyed with Kakishibu, an all natural dye fermented from the juice of unripe persimmions. Interestingly enough, according to Blue In Green, it’s the very first time a denim this heavy has been dyed with Kakishibu.”




These babies ring in at $725 and you can score a pair at Blue In Green.

[nggallery id=1119]


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Mar 22 2012 in Denim Menswear

Nudie Jeans Gets Ancient: The Limited Edition ‘Woad/Guado’ Collection

Nudie Jeans‘  limited edition ‘Woad/Guado’ collection hits Nudie Jeans House LA and Atrium NYC Friday. The exclusive 100% organic 6-piece line dyed from the ancient ‘Woad’ plant is available exclusively at Nudie Jeans House, Los Angeles and Atrium NYC. Only 700 pieces will be made available. The color is absolutely freaking gorgeous. nudie-jeans-woad-1 nudie-jeans-organic-exclusive-3

[nggallery id=1116]


Extended information on the dye process:

Woad, or more commonly known as “Dyer’s Woad”, is a flowering plant with a cabbage like appearance, and has been cultivated since ancient times to produce blue dye. The green leaves can be harvested six times in a year, but it is only the first year the leaves can be used for dying.

The dye extraction process is extremely labor intense, with 1000 kilos of leaves producing only 1 kilo of blue dyestuff. The development of dye involves extracting the pigment from the leaves which leaves a green liquid. Reducing the green liquid forms a blue sludge, which is then in turn dried resulting in rock hard lumps of intense blue dyestuff.

To turn the hard dyestuff to dye, it is dissolved in a mixture of soda and water. Each garment is then slowly lowered into the dye bath and left to work its magic, timing depends on the thickness of the fabric. Nudie Jeans acquiredall the dyestuff an Italian Guado farm could produce in a year to dye the entire ‘Woad/Guado’ collection.”

The collection includes a Grim Tim jean style, High Khaki, Chambray shirt, Jacket, long-sleeved Henley and short-sleeved tee-shirt, all in the signature blue shade. Each garment is uniquely customized with a ‘Woad/Guado’ stamp and individually numbered from 1-700. The ‘Woad/Guado’ line is available exclusively instore this Friday at Nudie Jeans House, 710 N. Edinburgh Ave, Los Angeles, and Atrium NYC, 644 Broadway, New York.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Mar 21 2012 in Denim Menswear

Nudie Jeans House Limited Edition ‘LAB 30’ release

Nudie Jeans Co. has released a new limited edition style, so fresh that it just hit Nudie Jeans House in LA last week. It’s the LAB 30, the newest vision-turned-product to spring from from the continuing Nudie Jeans Selvage LAB series. The tapered fit 13.5 oz. selvage style has been dipped thrice in pure indigo over sulphur, achieving a unique green cast. They feature artfully finished mended holes and stains of red and blue paint, along with the exclusive Nudie Jeans orange selvage stripe on coin pocket and outer seam.

Want a pair? The ‘LAB 30’ is available exclusively instore at Nudie Jeans House, 710 N. Edinburgh Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046, priced $725. They come in a selvage denim bag with limited edition Selvage LAB book, paying homage to the brand’s long lasting dedication to the art of denim.


Check out the scrumptious images below.


[nggallery id=1092]


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Mar 01 2012 in Denim News

Tender x The Hill-Side Team Up To Create Limited Edition Selvedge Jeans

Tender has teamed up with accessories mavens The Hill-Side (makers of our fave denim ties) to offer up a truly international pair of men’s jeans. Each one is made from Japanese selvedge denim, and was cut, sewn, and stitched in Leicester, England, with details inspired by 20th century American workwear, like the placement of the label in the right back pocket. These super-versatile Type 129-TH-S slim-straight leg jeans are so limited edition, there’s only ten available. You can snag your pair at Hickoree’s for $365.

[nggallery id=1079]

Images via Selectism

—Brie Hiramine

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Posted Feb 24 2012 in Denim Buys

Nudie Jeans x Atrium NYC Collaborate On Special Edition Grim Tim Jean

Nudie Jeans Co. and Atrium NYC have announced an exciting collaborative release that hits the retail floor December 1st: a special edition of the Grim Tim jean. With a distinctive saturated green thread running through its back pocket (where their trademark orange thread typically runs), these jeans are made from an exclusive Italian-crafted slim fit organic denim dubbed Big Apple Dry Organic. And that green thread? It isn’t just a fashion statement. It pays tribute to Nudie’s dedication to the environment, for which they’ve gained global credibility (and awards). This first collaborative effort celebrates the partnership between Nudie and Atrium, and will be available for purchase exclusively at Atrium (644 Broadway, NYC) and Atrium online.

nudie-jeans-atrium-grim-tim (6)

nudie-jeans-atrium-grim-tim (8)

nudie-jeans-atrium-grim-tim (1)

Follow Nudie Jeans Co. and Atrium NYC on facebook for updates and exclusive info.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Nov 29 2011 in Denim News

We’re All About The Jewel Tones In CLOSED Denim’s Deep Winter Flash Collection

A gorgeous palette of jewel tones in super wear-able styles sums up the CLOSED Denim “Deep Winter Flash” collection, satisfying both the deep chroma of fall (maroon, charcoal, mustard) and a lighter, more playful take using pastels. The light rose skinny jean sure is a welcome sight now that the streets of NYC have transitioned to mid-fall wardrobe! Accompanying the twin color story denim and chinos are jean jackets ripe with hardware and biker-babe charm—just imagine pairing one of these with a long pleated skirt and some chic brown leather boots. This limited edition set is officially on our pre-Christmas list.

closed denim deep winter flash collection

See the full line below.

[nggallery id=767]


Want some? Shop this collection online!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Oct 31 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand

Denim Dose: News & Links

Welcome to your morning dose of denim news, links, sales, and everything else we couldn’t help but share. Check out what’s happening (and totally not happening) in the world of denim now. Got a tip you think we should include, a sale you want to share, or a style you just saw and can’t live without? Email us!


1. You may recall that we’re fixated on fur x denim this fall-–so Terry Richardson’s campaign shoot for Japanese brand Moussy has us head over heels.

2. American Apparel is now making jeans for men, but they’re being likened to Mom Jeans. We’ll wait and see how long it takes to see them all over Bedford ave.

3. “Warp and Weft: A Snapshot of Raw Denim In The United States” is a raw denim documentary that’s in production and in need of funding. You can help out at their kickstarter page. This documentary is aiming to educate consumers about raw denim, suitable for everyone from beginners to experts.

4. The Denim Guy found the cutest pair of denim sneakers everlace-up velcro kicks with a saturated blue denim fabrication. They’re under $100 and available at Revolve.

5. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans is releasing limited edition jeans for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The “Marilyn Make a Difference Jean” is a straight-leg classic fit that flatters all figures. They retail at $120 and will be available at Nordstrom and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Oct 07 2011 in Denim News

Earnest Sewn Launching “Gold Ticket” Capsule Collection Today!

Since we last updated you on the Earnest Sewn Fashion Island Store Opening (which goes down today!) we have an exclusive on a limited edition jean style that will be released. But start your engines right now, because there will only be 50 pieces available, total. This “Golden Ticket” jean is called the “Newport,” and will be a sophisticated over dye black micro flare jean, the first of its style for Earnest Sewn. It will be the debut of Earnest Sewn’s “Golden Ticket” capsule collection that uses 24K gold buttons, rivets and a gold foil screen print. What more can a girl ask for? Seems like Benjamin Talley Smith is keeping things exciting. Get on it, West Coast!

—Jackie Racer

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Posted Sep 30 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim News » Events
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