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A Denim Debate: Washing Your Raw Denim

There is a lot of back and forth amongst the raw community over whether or not it’s okay to wash your raw denim. The Nudie website recommends wearing your jeans at least 6 months before washing, but Erick Goldstein from The Jean Shop told us that after they’ve worn in a bit, hand washing with a mild detergent won’t do any harm. Here at Denim Therapy, Renee and Gordon are on their fourth month of wearing raw jeans and have yet to wash them (check out our Tumblr to see more on the project).

We can’t deny that there’s anything wrong with being in the hard-core no-wash club (we love anyone who’s that passionate about their denim). But if you’re smelly, this guide from GiltMANual will let you know exactly how to wash your jeans while still maintaining your raw denim street cred.

Photo by Scott Eiden via GiltMANual

—Renee Sykes

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Posted Jun 02 2011 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy » Raw Denim Project

The DT Raw Denim Project: If Our Jeans Could Talk

We’ve been wondering what our jeans would say if they could talk. It’s been 84 days (more about the project on our Tumblr), and that’s quite a lot of togetherness. So we listened in:


Jean Shop: Hey Nudie, How’s it hanging?

Nudie: Not too bad, just enjoying my break. 84 days of wear is exhausting.

Jean Shop: Yeah, but your ass looks great! Nice pocket fade.

Nudie: Thanks man, how are you coming along?

Jean Shop: Good, still a little stiff in my joints but I’ve been softening out.

Nudie: Yeah, you’re definitely looking a little thinner.

Jean Shop: Thanks! Got any plans this weekend?

Nudie: A soak may be in the cards for me.

Jean Shop: Niiice. I’ve got some BBQs.

Nudie: Watch out for the beer and BBQ sauce, it only takes one beer to get you feeling really dirty.

Jean Shop: Wouldn’t be the first time!

Nudie: Oh snap! Have a great weekend. Stay clean.

Jean Shop: Enjoy your soak!


—Renee Sykes and Gordon Sims


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Posted May 27 2011 in Raw Denim Project
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