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Flashback! Thai Brand Sretsis Acid Wash Jeggings

Faux-jeans are all the rage right now, from the Jeanpants Underwear to the tirelss debate as to whether jeggings should be outlawed. But it’s not exactly a new craze. A scan from an old issue of NYLON magazine reminds us that jeggings were raising eyebrows years before Conan O’Brien pulled on a pair and made his studio audience scream. Thai brand Sretsis released these vibrant short & full-pant jeggings in time for the August 2009 issue. Covered in faux-zippers, pockets, stitching and cuffs, the convincing facade brought some colorful rock’n’roll kick to the playing field. The brand’s current collection is comprised mostly of colorful, free-spirited sportswear that leans towards resort. But we can’t say we’d mind if they slipped back into faux-jeans territory again…

—Michelle Christina Larsen


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Posted May 16 2011 in Denim Fashion » Trend Alert

Not For The Modest: JeanPants Underwear

They’ve been coined “Jeanderpants”, “Joxer briefs” and just plain bizarre,  but these unbelievably JeanPants Underwear are the newest not-really-denim phenomenon in the denim world. They’re a pair of realistic knit boxer briefs fashioned with a convincing texture of jeans, and they’re about as amusing as jeggings the first time Conan O’brian wore them on air. As you can see from the photo, they don’t leave much to the imagination, but we imagine the kind of guy who’ll buy these isn’t exactly someone who would prefer you not look below their waist all day.

JeanPants Underwear ($61) – buy it at Japan Trend Shop.

—Denim Therapy Staff

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Posted Apr 14 2011 in Denim Menswear
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