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Fashion Forward Looks or Denim Therapy Candidates?

Two of the biggest, boldest looks in denim this season are bright colors and jeans that are distressed and destroyed. We’ve seen everything from causal knee holes to seriously torn legs. But how do you decide where the line is — the line between fashionable frays and ferocious tears is a fine one, and Denim Therapy is here for you when you decide the holes are too holy or they just aren’t cool anymore.  We can fix the smallest rips to providing complete rebuilding of your jeans, plus so much more. Take a look!



—Sarah Greene

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Denim Therapy Customer Review


“So, although I am a relatively small girl, being of Latin and Italian descent, I’m pretty much doomed to a life of big butt-dom.

Unfortunately, my genes have often contributed to the destruction of my jeans–mostly in the crotchal region.  This would not be such a problem if I wore $50 jeans like a normal person, but alas, I’m a denim junkie who can only get her fix from sevens, citizens and J Brands at about $200 a pop.

Thanks to my big ole booty, I had countless pairs of dead denim in my closet, but I just couldn’t bring myself to chuck them.  I’m really glad I didn’t.  I sent them to Denim Therapy, and the whole experience was fantastic for me! I brought 3 pairs in for the crotch holes to be repaired and reinforced. When I got them back, the threading they did was virtually invisible to the naked eye.  I asked my boyfriend if he could tell where they had been restitched and he had no clue.  The only way you could really tell is if you touched the repaired area as it is stiffer than the rest of the jeans, but other than that, the repairs are undetectable.

To fix the holes in my 3 pairs of jeans and reinforce them to prevent future tears, it cost me $68, which I feel is a small price to pay for $600+ worth of denim.  If I didn’t live in NY and had to pay shipping costs though, I don’t know if I would’ve went through the trouble as those probably get pricey.

All in all, I am really happy with the work they did and highly recommend if you have expensive jeans that you’re not ready to part with. LOVE!!!! Will be sending in some more stuff ASAP.”

Need jeans repaired?

Via Yelp

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Selena Gomez Really Needs Some Denim Therapy

She’s cute, they’re cute, we love ’em! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are just adorable, hanging out in California, holding hands, going to Panera… But what’s not cute is Selena’s ill-fitting, overly holey, and totally weirdly cropped jeans. Did she borrow them from a friend? Did the holes get bigger after she bought them? Did she try to make them into carpis herself? We don’t know! But what we do know is that every single issue you see here could be fixed with a quick stop to the Denim Therapy office. Resizing, hole repair, and even perfectly cut jean shorts. Come on Selena, treat yo’ self!


—Sarah Greene

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Does Mary-Kate Olsen Need Some Denim Therapy?

There’s a fine line between fashion holes in your jeans and those tears that cross the line into not-so-cool territory. Obviously Mary-Kate Olsen knows how to rock torn denim, but how much bigger would you let your holes get before you sent your jeans to us? Whatever the size and wherever the location, Denim Therapy is here to fix all your rips (or, we could just turn those holey pants into badass cut-offs).



—Sarah Greene

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The Creativity of the Denim Therapy Customer

We get denim repairs sent in from all over the world here at Denim Therapy, packaged in strange and amazing ways, containing peanuts, bubble wrap, and even tissue paper. But, our favorite thing to receive are jeans where the damaged area is marked in creative ways.  Take this black and yellow bat bandaid for example!

denim repairs demin therapy


—Sarah Greene

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Denim Therapy Featured In People Magazine Gift Guide!

Denim Therapy’s expert denim repair service was featured in People Magazine‘s holiday gift guide! The series called out gifts for celebs and stars who could use them, and we were bestowed the honor of being an ideal gift for Kate Middleton! You’ll recall that she wore her J Brand jeans for days on royal business, and not even royal jeans can hold up forever.

“For the girl who isn’t afraid to recycle her denim (Kate once wore the same J Brand jeans three days in a row!), we’d treat her to a gift card to Denim Therapy, the company that repairs holes, wear, and scuffed hems. The Duchess could even use the credit to preemptively reinforce her favorite blues to avoid getting caught with an embarrassing tear.”

Looking for a way to extend the life of your jeans? We do jean repair on holes, tears, wear, zippers, belt-loops, and so much more. We also do tailoring, hemming, dying, and alterations for maternity. Check out our denim repair and alteration services for ways we can help your blue-jean-BFF’s stay in your life for the long run!

And Kate, if you’re reading, we’ll definitely help you out too. ; )

—DT Staff

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Denim Therapy Saves Your Jeans… On the Subway?

You know you’ve seen it: the guy bending over at the grocery store; the lady picking up her son from his stroller; you, last weekend, busting some sweet moves on the dance floor. We’ve all been there, out in public, minding our own business, being awesome, when BAM! Jeans rip! But, we haven’t all had the fortunate happenstance of having this public nightmare go down right in front of a Denim Therapy denim repair specialist. That’s why we thought it only appropriate to document a recent encounter we had on the subway, just moments after this young stud realized there was a giant hole in his crotch. We’re like the Denim Santa! Ho Ho Help!


—Sarah Greene

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Denim Therapy Gets Personal With Denim Monogramming

Denim Therapy, your favorite denim repairer, is now offering a service that lets you take those jeans you love, and make them even more Yours.  Introducing denim monogramming, the hot new way to personalize those pants you practically live in. Do it for yourself, your lover, or your best friend — it makes a great gift! Cheeky or romantic; funny or heart-felt — there’s no better way to mark your denim as Yours.

denim therapy monogramming personalize tattoo

[nggallery id=871]


—Sarah Greene


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Posted Nov 30 2011 in Denim Therapy

Jeans Ripped? Need Repair (badly)? Denim Therapy to the Rescue!

One of our biggest repair projects to date showed up in the Denim Therapy office last week.  Stay tuned for posts tracking their therapy session and the story of what it takes to go from a perfect pair of blues to this:


—Sarah Greene

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Posted Nov 25 2011 in Denim Therapy

Denim Repair For Retro Trends

This year we witnessed the comeback of the jean jacket, which is awesome because being able to look fashion forward while wearing classic pieces you probably already own is huge a plus. But, what happens when you go fishing your denim duds out from the back of the closet, only to find there was a mouse attack? Or worse, a scissor attack you perpetrated yourself a few years back when super-destroyed denim was the hot new trend? Answer: Bring it to Denim Therapy!  Witness this rockin’ repair and become a DT believer.


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—Sarah Greene


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